8 Steps to a Successful Staycation-Vacation At Home
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8 Steps to a Successful Staycation-Vacation At Home

8 Steps to a Succesful Staycation-Vacation At Home begins here! It’s time for the best end-of-summer vacation you have ever had and you don’t have to leave home to take it!   Summer doesn’t have to end in August, take a relaxing and enjoyable vacation at-home or in your hometown anytime you want.  Don’t get stressed about not taking a vacation, take one this week!

8 Steps to a Successful Staycation- Vacation At Home # 1- Launch the Idea

A true staycation is more than just a week at home; it is a planned intentional time of events, relaxation and fun for your entire family.  Brief-your-case for having a vacation at home by including your family with the planning process.  Gather brochures just like you would when you plan a travel destination.  Create a budget for activities and food.  Plan your menu for the week and make-a-head a few meals related to your themed vacation.  No one really wants to cook while on vacation, unless it is a culinary destination.

Successful Staycation  Step #2- The Planning Dinner

Surprise and inspire the family with the staycation idea by planning a festive dinner.   Good food always brings people together and a pretty tablescape will reinforce the excitement that an at- home vacation could be fun.

8 Steps to a Successful Staycation-Vacation At Home|www.lizbushong.com

8 steps to successful staycation-vacation at home|suitcase centerpiece

A suitcase-turned-centerpiece promises to be the main attraction and hit of this family dinner party.  A backyard profusion of blooms-hydrangeas, pink geraniums and verbena- overflows the open suit case centerpiece.  Simply line the vintage suitcase with plastic then add a water- filled rectangular dish to hold the fresh cut flowers and potted plants in place.   Bright and bold colorful placemats serve as a runner for the center of the table.

Making a Mini Suitcase Party Favor for each Placesetting

Staycation mini suitcase favor|www.lizbushong.com

Staycation mini suitcase favor- step one- measurements

The finished size of this mini suitcase is 3 x 4″ .  This overall pattern is 9 x 6 with one inch border all around.  Fold the paper in half and mark but do not fold with a crease.  from this point measure 1/2″ on both sides of the pointed mark . This double line will be the bottom of the suitcase and will be 1 inch wide.  Fold all solid lines, clip the 4 ends to fold back the corners to create the box.  Using a glue stick or  dots glue corners to form a box.

Staycation mini suitcase favor|www.lizbushong.com

Staycation mini suitcase favor folding into case with clipped ends

Staycation mini suitcase favor|www.lizbushong.com

Staycation mini suitcase favor decorated with travel stickers

Staycation mini suitcase favor|www.lizbushong.com

Staycation mini suitcase favor placesetting

A cardboard tag was painted with chalk board paint and name added for each placesetting.  Self-adhesive photo corners are added for suitcase details.

Successful Staycation  Step #3- The Planning Dinner Menu

Plan a fun and healthy menu for this planning dinner.  The dinner menu includes black bean burgers with spicy potato buns, sweet potato fries and a peachy apricot parfait for dessert. If your family doesn’t like veggie anything, create their favorite meal or a meal from a travel destination that you would like the family to go to.  The purpose of the planning dinner is to get everyone on board with creating or transforming your home into a travel destination.  Perhaps your family decides that you want to see the local sites, one a day for a week and then eat out at your favorite restaurant?  Whatever your family decides will be fun and this pretty table setting and menu will help the idea.  Recipes http://serveitupsassy.com/peach-parfait-with-cream-wafers/ http://serveitupsassy.com/seasoned-potato-burger-buns/ and http://serveitupsassy.com/spicy-black-bean-burgers/

8 Steps to a Successful Staycation-Vacation At Home|www.lizbushong.com

Black Bean Burgers on Spicy Potato Bun with Sweet Potato Fries

The Dessert

8 Steps to a Successful Staycation-Vacation At Home|Peach Parfait|www.lizbushong.com

Peach Apricot Parfait served two different ways

Perhaps money and time was tight this summer and you didn’t get the opportunity to go to the beach?   How about staging a backyard beach themed clambake, or a Caribbean lunch featuring fresh fruits and tropical drinks with the little paper umbrellas.  Maybe you prefer a spa week or outdoor adventure, whatever you love to do, make this staycation a memorable vacation.  Vacations are healthy and we all need to de-stress, rejuvenate and energize our souls. Staying home for vacation can be healing if the staycation is seriously planned.

Successful Staycation  Step #4- Preliminary Things to Do

The family is excited about the idea, they have decided on the kind of staycation they want, now it is getting everything ready to take the staycation!

A. Clean your house before you begin your staycation. Get caught up on laundry, dishes, and the everyday duties that can be stressful.

B. Place special scents and music in your home that reflect the type of vacation you are taking.

C. Select special guest room items in each bedroom to mimic a bed and breakfast vacation.

D. Set up and stock a beverage center with your family’s favorite snacks or snacks that you would have on a travel destination.

E.  Set up a continental breakfast buffet for each day of your vacation, make-a-ahead sandwiches, or picnic baskets, ect.

F. Assign everyone in the family something to do, this is not another job for mom or dad… it is a family vacation.

G. Gather the gear, the backpacks, suitcases, luggage tags, carry on bags and accessories that relate to taking a vacation and decorate the dining area to your hearts content.  Your family will be excited about the best end-of-summer vacation they could ever have.

Successful Staycation Step # 5-  No Tweet- Just Eat

In an idea world, it would be great to detach from the tech side of life, even if it is just for a day.  Develop a rule/plan that the entire family will unplug all technical devices including cell phones, computers, pads, and even watches during this vacation week.

Make it a game and give a prize at the end of the week to the family member who stayed true to the technical shut down.  Select a prize that excites everyone and announce the no –tech challenge at the beginning of the vacation week or during your family planning meeting.

Successful Staycation Step # 6-  Pack the Suitcase

Have the family pack a suitcase with vacation clothes and actually leave the home right before your staycation week begins.  Then re-enter the home the first day of the staycation, as if they have just arrived at their travel destination.  Make this staycation fun and a time for reconnecting with the family.

When they enter the house, enter the front door and have someone there to greet you to your family travel destination.  The host could be a close neighbor of family friend and have them serve a cup of icy cold flavored fruit water  to each family member.  Have props and other things set up to mimic your travel destination.

Successful Staycation Step # 7- Enjoy the Staycation

Take photos to remember the eventful vacation.  Create a family scrapbook.  I know in your spare time. hahaha,  make the most of the staycation by keeping everyone busy and excited about this new adventure.  It is a different mindset and the entire family needs to be on board with it.  Encourage them to think.. I am on vacation!  Do something different today.

If the staycation begins to get rocky.  Surprise them with an unexpected mini trip or visit to something regional.  Take them to get ice cream or let them go to the candy store and buy whatever they want?  Take them on a picnic, plan a family night out at the movies.  Be creative and think outside the box.

One day before the vacation is about to end, have each family member clean up their assigned rooms/bedrooms to prepare for departure.  You could hire someone to come in and clean your house while you are away at a daytrip the day before the vacation ends?  Just a thought.

Successful Staycation Step #8- Returning from Vacation

As in all vacations the day comes when it is time to pack up and go home.  In this case, you are already at home, so to make the event have a sweet ending, gather everyone  in the living room, with their suitcases, and head to the car.  This time, take them someplace they are not expecting to go … could be a bike ride on a mountain trail,  tickets to their favorite movie,  gift cards to shop at the mall for the afternoon, or something as simple as driving around the neighborhood and then back home again.  This time when they return home vacation is over but they come into a clean home and ready to recall all the fun events they did over their staycation.

Your family will be excited about the best end-of-summer vacation they could ever have had!   Let me know how your staycation turned out!

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Staycation mini suitcase favor|www.lizbushong.com

Staycation Mini Suitcase Favor

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