Beef Pockets Stuffed with Vegetable Spread
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Beef Pockets Stuffed with Vegetable Spread

Beef Pockets stuffed with Vegetable Spread is perfect for hot days of summer, get out of the kitchen, something simple for supper recipe!  Pick up a half a pound of sliced of thin roast beef and a loaf of crusty bread. cheeses, and fresh garden vegetables and you have the makings of a quick and crunchy sandwich.  The garden spread includes diced carrots, green onions, radish, cucumber, yellow squash, red, orange and green bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, and arugula leaves mixed with creamy cheese and bit of horseradish. This is the summer recipe you will love.

Beef Pockets Stuffed with Vegetable Spread|

Beef Pockets Stuffed with Vegetable Spread

Ingredients for the beef pockets stuffed with vegetable spread can be changed according to what you have grown in your garden or picked up at the local fresh market.  The creamy base is cream cheese, horseradish and mayo.  I use Hellman’s but a lot of southern cooks use Duke’s.  Whatever your family likes will work just fine for this sandwich. Complete recipe

To make the pocket in the bread.. Cut a 2 inch section from a crusty bread and hollow out one end.  You can toast this under the broiler if you would like, but then that defeats the purpose of staying out of the kitchen.  Spread the vegetable spread inside the hollowed bread then add the sliced beef.  Top with additional chopped tomatoes and arugula leaves for a garnish.

The deli Beef Pockets are super cute as a crostini, just cut the crusty bread into 1/4 inch slices, toast one side and spread with vegetable spread, meat, and garnish. Recipe

Other uses for the Garden Spread include bagels,  pita chips,  baked potatoes, baked mini red potatoes for an appetizer, and cheese sauce for pasta  or roll into a log and cover with toasted pecans for a tasty cheese log or ball.

Beef Pockets Stuffed with Vegetable Spread |

Garden Fresh Vegetable Spread Ingredients

Hope you enjoy this crunchy and delicious sandwich with spread.  MAKE IT YOUR OWN by using different meats, adding different vegetables in the spread, and garnishing as desired.  Remember the bread can be cut into smaller pieces or  a crostini size.

Let me know how you made this sandwich your own.  Would love to know your sassy options.

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