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Caramel Apple-Delicious Article VIP SEEN Magazine

Caramel Apple-Delicious  Article VIP SEEN Magazine begins with a mountain setting in the background.  A beautiful black buffet is covered with a burlap runner and log rounds as pedestals were used to present Caramel Apples, Skillet Caramel Apple Pie, and Caramel Apple Walnut Cookies.  Got enough Caramel Apple for fall?  I don’t think so… Caramel and apples are always delicious no matter what the season. 

Caramel Apple Delicious tablescape|

Caramel Apple Delicious Article featured in VIP SEEN Magazine

Caramel- Apple Delicious!  See caramel apple delicious article pdf

Memories of fall always include caramel and apples. A big golden delicious apple on a stick covered with sweet chewy caramel and peanuts
is just one of three apple-delicious recipes that you can make this season for your family and friends.
Have you had problems with caramel staying on the apple after you dipped them? This homemade caramel recipe and ways to prepare your apples will keep your caramel from slipping off. Now you can make gourmet caramel apples with loads of caramel, chocolate, and various toppings without the caramel pooling at the bottom of the pan. See Recipe for Caramel Apples,
Caramel Apples|

Caramel Apple-Delicious VIP SEEN Magazine Feature Recipe

Caramel Apple Walnut Cookies are individual mini pies filled with a layer of caramel and thick homemade apple pie filling. The cookie is
topped with a piecrust woven lattice that resembles an apple pie. As you bite into this little bit-of- heaven, the apple filling with its cinnamon and walnut bites ooze from the sides of the cookies. The cookie top is sprinkled with a generous amount of cinnamon and sugar.  Recipe for Caramel Apple Walnut Cookies See former blog post
Caramel Apple Walnut Cookies|

Caramel Apple-Delicious VIP SEEN Magazine Article


 Another all time favorite is the apple pie, but this time it is baked like gramma use to make it, in a cast iron skillet. What makes this pie special is the caramel layer in the bottom of the skillet before you add the piecrust and filling. The caramel bakes trough the two-layer crusts and rises to the top of the pie making this pie, caramel apple-delicious all the way through.  Recipe for Skillet Caramel Apple Pie-
Caramel Apple Pie Recipe

Caramel Apple-Delicious Article VIP Magazine


VIP SEEN magazine- October 2015 Serve it up Sassy  Caramel Apple-Delicious!  PDF

Recipe Development, Food Styling, Photography and Article by Liz Bushong




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