Christmas Cookie Countdown-Sno-Ball Snowman Faces

Christmas Cookie Countdown-Sno-Ball Snowman Faces are so cute and perfect for a cookie-candy tray!  If you don’t like to bake this is for you! Hostess Sno-Balls® are the face of this snowman, pipe a colorful frosting headband with mini oreo cookies, a nose, eyes, smile and you are done!  Finished!!!   The sno-balls are marshmallow rounds with a surprise cake filled center and covered with coconut.  No baking just quick decorating for a cute holiday cookie tray.   

Christmas Cookie Countdown-Sno-Ball® Snowman Face’s 

Hostess ™ make  the Sno-Ball cakes, they are chocolate cupcakes with a creamy white filling inside, then covered with a thick layer of marshmallow that is covered with coconut.  They are delicious and soft to eat.  They also come in pink but for our cookie trays, even though it isn’t a cookie, we are using the white sno-ball as the base for our snow man faces.

This treat for your cookie tray can be given as a gift in a single box or as a group, 6 come to a package, so you could give all 6 as a gift.  Change the headband colors and you are good to go.

Christmas Cookie Countdown-Sno-Ball® Snowman Face| Instructions

6 Hostess Sno-Balls®

Buttercream Frosting -Black, orange, & red or your choice for headband

Mini Oreo® Cookies

That’s it!


If you don’t want to make your own buttercream. go to the local bakery at your grocery store and ask to purchase a small amount of frosting in the colors you want.  About 4 ounces or a 1/2 cup will be enough to do your cute little faces.

Fill a zip lock baggie or a disposable piping bag with your frosting.  I used a disposable piping bag with a tip #5 to pipe the face details.

Pipe a line around the top of the head for a head band, then add the mini Oreo® cookie halves.  Pipe a dollop of frosting on one side of the head to attach the cookie, repeat with the other side.

Pipe the eyes  and mouth with black frosting, the nose with orange.

All done!

I was looking for the white chocolate covered Oreo’s in my grocery store but could not find them, so that is the reason for the sno-balls, which turned out great. But I did notice that there are not many cookies that are made with white Chocolate.  I saw mini Vanilla Moon pies, but they were not white enough.

The Sno-Balls® were perfect!

 Last year I dipped Oreos® into white chocolate and made cute snowman pops.  Kind a tedious , so this is much easier with the same amount of fun and presentation.


This was featured on Daytime Blue-Ridge for the Christmas Cookie Countdown series, a series that features make ahead baked cookies and candies, with the exception of a few last minute candies and cakes that can be purchased with out baking and decorated.  Watch the video to see how to decorate the snowman faces,  the Kit Kat tree is  presented first, followed by the snowman face.   Enjoy!

Let me know if you make these cute snowmen faces!

Love helping you Make a Statement, Make it Sassy and Make it Your’s!©

XO  Liz

Christmas Cookie Countdown-Sno-Ball Snowman Faces

Yield: 6 snow ball snowmen

Christmas Cookie Countdown-Sno-Ball Snowman Faces


  • 6 Hostess Sno-Balls®
  • Butter cream Frosting- canned or home-made
  • -Black, orange, & red or your choice for headband
  • Mini Oreo® Cookies


  1. Place unwrapped Sno-ball on serving platter.
  2. Fill 3 disposable piping bags fitted with tip # 5 with canned or home-made butter cream frosting. Pipe a thin band around top of head, frosting color of choice
  3. Attach two halves of an Oreo cookie for the ear muffs to the side of the head on the frosting band. Pipe black frosting for eyes and mouth.
  4. Pipe orange nose.


Sno-Balls are made by Hostess. Super fast and super easy to make. If you don't want to make your frosting' go to the bakery section of your grocery store and ask to purchase their ready made butter cream frosting. They come in various colors. Have fun!

Serve these at a bake sale, cookie trays or wrap individually for gifts to give.

Helping you Make a Statement, Make it Sassy and Make it Yours! Recipe design created by Liz Bushong.


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