Christmas Cookie Countdown|Cookie Tray Assembly

What to create a Show-stopping Cookie Tray?  Think of your cookie platter as a round clock with placement of cookies at twelve, four and eight.  Select large cookies with no frosting for the bottom layer, then add medium sized cookies, and last…the smallest cookies and candies on the top layer. Ta Da! All the cookies on this plate were part of the Christmas Cookie Countdown Series featured on Daytime Tri-Cities.  Recipes are included in this post.

Christmas Cookie Countdown|Cookie Tray Assembly

Begin with a solid white plate. The plate I have chosen has a ribbon that runs through the edges of the plate that makes the cookie plate festive and fun.  The plate is called Prissy Plate and you can purchase different ribbons for any occasion.  All the cookies on the plate were home made in my kitchen and recipes will follow each photo.  A good cookie tray has a cookie for everyone,  for those who love chocolate and those who don’t.  Cookies for the traditional palate and cookies for the sweet tooth’s.   Sweet, Savory, Salty, and Citrus is a great mix to keep in mind.  Of course bake all of your family favorites.  These cookies were part of the Christmas Cookie Countdown Series that was featured on Daytime Tri-Cities.   All the cookies can be made-a-head, frozen and baked right before serving.  The fresher the cookie the better.  Its ALL GOOD!

Christmas Cookie Countdown|Cookie Tray Assembly Step 1

Think of your plate as a clock when positioning your cookies.  Start with the largest flat  non frosted cookie as the base.  In this case I started building the tray at  2 and 8 pm.. if we are using the clock hand system.  The first cookie is Spiced Gingersnaps.

Cookie Tray Assembly- Step 1


Spiced Gingersnap Cookies

Christmas Cookie Countdown|Cookie Tray Assembly Step 2

Position  the next set of cookies at 11 and 4.  Notice how the cookies are laid one on top of the other leading toward the center of the plate. Make sure your chocolates and decor on cookies are solid.  The second cookies are Coconut Macaroons dipped in chocolate.

Cookie Tray Assembly step 2

Chocolate Covered Macaroons

Christmas Cookie Countdown|Cookie Tray Assembly Step 3

The next cookie position at 10-12-3-7, depending on the size and shape of your cookies and how they will fit on the tray.  Now we are beginning to fill the bottom layer.  This third cookie is  Cranberry Pinwheels.  This cookie is filled with fresh chopped cranberries, walnuts and rolled like a pinwheel.  They can be made-a-head and frozen, then sliced and baked before serving.

Cookie Tray Assembly Step 3


Cranberry Pinwheels

Christmas Cookie Countdown|Cookie Tray Assembly Step 4

Notice the  5 white cookies  filling in open spaces on the plate.  At this point you are beginning to build your second layer.  These cookies are  Soft Ricotta Lemon Cookies.  They are frosted with lemon frosting  and grated lemon rind.  Everyone loves these lemony flavored cookies, especially those who can’t eat chocolate.  Poor souls.. Chocolate is heavenly.

Cookie Tray Assembly Step 4

Ricotta Lemon Cookies

Christmas Cookie Countdown|Cookie Tray Assembly Step 5

Introducing a new shape to the tray, an elongated lady like fingers.  These are Chocolate Orange Fingers  that have one end dipped in melted chocolate.  Be careful not to touch the chocolate with the lemon cookies- ha ha.  Filling in the second layer and still in a pattern that is pleasing to your eyes.  I positioned the cookies with the chocolate end towards the center of the tray for easy pick up and they all go in the same direction.

Cookie Tray Assembly Step 5


Chocolate Orange Fingers

Christmas Cookie Countdown|Cookie Tray Assembly Step 6

Step 6 is the final layer of the cookie tray and should include the most decorated and fancy type cookies.  I added the poinsettia butter cookies for punch of color and festivity.  Plus they are small and have a delicious buttery flavor.  The cookie tray has one more treat to add, and then we are finished.  You don’t have to add every cookie you baked for the season on this one tray.  If you notice you can see all the cookies we have placed on the plate with out having it look over crowded.  Everyone can see the various kinds and not have to dig through the tray to find that one cookie they wanted.

Cookie Tray Assembly- Step 6


Poinsettia Cookie

Christmas Cookie Countdown|Cookie Tray Assembly Finishing Touch

The final layer should include some candies.  For this tray I made Kit Katt Christmas Trees.  Kids of all ages will love these candies.  It’s time to stop layering and serve these heart made from scratch delights to your family and friends.  If you missed the Christmas Cookie Countdown on Daytime Tri-Cities you can find videos on this blog and You Tube channel.

Cookie Tray Finish


Kit Katt Christmas Tree


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Let me know how your cookie tray turned out this year!  I want to hear all about your rave reviews.

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