Christmas Home Decor Ideas-Deck it out series

Christmas Home Decor Ideas for  last minute decorating; remake candles with sparkle, update a picture frame to serving tray, tie a large bow around pillows, and create a Christmas Tree napkin fold for your holiday table.  These ideas were featured on Good Day Tri-Cities continuing the Deck it out Christmas series.  Helping you Deck the halls sassy style. 

Christmas Home Decor Ideas|Serving Tray


I found this tray already made but embellished it to make it my own.  The star with lettering in the middle was already on the backed tray as well as the frame and the black handles.  I added the contact paper, peel and stick stars to the corner of the tray and painted the white trim inside the molding.

My plans for this tray is to add a glass top and use it for holding beverages during the Christmas season.  Adding the glass will protect the wording , make it easier to clean, and keep food off of the unknown ink/print, making this tray use able.  This tray is very versatile, I can also use it as a picture on my mantel or in the den around the Christmas tree, or I might even put in the kitchen on the island counter.  You can find this tray at Big Lots!  The price was reasonable and worth getting to make my own.  This will also make a beautiful gift to give.

To make it your own!


Use white contact/shelf paper to cut out small stars for the outer edges.  I used a star cookie cutter to make the pattern.  Peel and stick the star in each corner of the tray.  Pretty easy!


Next step:  paint the inside trim pure white.  No sanding necessary.  I used Folk Art wicker white.  Let it dry and that’s it.   Add the glass topper and you are done!

Christmas Home Decor Ideas-Deck it out series | Candle Remake


I have used these candles for a few years, about 10 to be exact.  How?  Maybe why?  I don’t burn the wick, after the first burn,  I carve out a smooth area on the top of the candle and use tea lights to light.  My candles will stay looking great through out the season /year with no dripping or caving in around the edges.

For this upgrade, I taped the candle with painters tape at the level I wanted and brushed tacky glue to the base of candle, while glue was wet, I sprinkled the glue with white glitter.  One tip:  don’t put too much glue on the candle, it will clump up and slide off.  Tip 2:  lightly sand the candle base before adding the glue.  The glue will stick and not run off.  Allow the candles to dry before storing.    Tapers can be done with the same technique,  white on white, or white with red glitter, or you could do any color combination you like.  How fun is this?


Taper candle with painters tape and white glitter.

Tip 3:  If you don’t like it, you can peel off the glue and glitter.

I like the new look, it gives the candles new life and something sparkly to jazz up the table/coffee table.

Christmas Home Decor Ideas-Deck it out series |Bow-tied Pillow



Deck out your sofa or bed with large red bows tied to your pillows.  You can use your choice of  color for ribbon on any solid color pillow.  Using wired edge 2-1/2 ” -3″ ribbon will give you a lovely bow.  You will need about 4 yards to make this bowed pillow, of course the larger the pillow the more ribbon.  On the record,  5 yards of ribbon makes a beautiful bow.   For this pillow, I wrapped the ribbon around the pillow and then brought the ribbon to the front like you do a package.  Then tied the ribbon in a knot, leaving the tails, then I took about 3 yards of ribbon and made 3 graduated loops for each side to form the bow loops.  Attach the loops to the tails and tie the tails once again in a knot, all done!

Christmas Home Decor Ideas-Deck it out series | Christmas Tree Napkin


The tree napkin fold standing or laying flat on your salad plate makes a stunning statement for your holiday table place settings.  You can add a small star to the top or a small bow tie too.   The napkin is an 18 x 18″ square, and folded into a smaller square.  Here is a great example of how to fold the napkin. 

Add red handled silver ware to your placesetting for more red and green Christmas table decor.  Serve up something sassy for Christmas morning breakfast or save this cute fold for the big Christmas dinner.  I like to make my napkin stand up.  You can also see this fold in the November issue of VIP SEEN magazine.


Merry Christmas everyone!!!  Hope you will deck it out for Christmas at your house!

I love helping you Make a Statement, Make it Sassy and Make it Yours! ®



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