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Deck it Out Decorating Series|Boxwood Wreath

Deck it out Decorating Series as seen on Good Day Tri-Cities began early in August and will end in mid December. The purpose of the series is to help you Deck out your home for Christmas stress-free. Is that even possible?  It is …I will show you how.  This is the second segment in this series, How to make a boxwood wreath. Check it out.. get a jump start on Christmas and begin planning your home decor.  You will be glad you did. Nothing says “Welcome Home”  more than a fresh Boxwood wreath with a big red bow hanging on the front door.   This wreath can be used on windows, mantels, staircases and a table centerpiece.  You will want to make more than one, so order your wreath forms early.  If you wait you won’t be able to find or get them.  

Welcome-home Boxwood Wreath|www.lizbushong.com

Deck it Out Decorating Series|Boxwood Wreath

Boxwood is an evergreen shrub that is ideal for sculpting, manicuring or left free growing. The foliage is small green cloud’s almost waxy but firm.  Because of the firmness of the stems you can stick the cut stems directly into floral foam without the use of wire.  Boxwood is mildly fragrant which adds to the fresh scents of Christmas and will not interfere with the aroma of your dinner if you are using the wreath as a table centerpiece.

The wreath is made with a 15” round caged Oasis florist foam that is soaked in water.  Fresh boxwood stems were cut into 6” lengths and inserted into the oasis foam going in a circular direction so the stems are balanced making the circumference of the wreath 20- 26”. Depending on the size of your dining table you can adjust the fullness of the wreath with the clippings.


The boxwood wreath can be used as a table centerpiece.  The wreath provides the base for a large glass urn filled with shiny red ornaments that glisten in the soft glow of candlelight.

Deck it Out Decorating Series|How to make the Wreath


15” Oasis florist foam wreath- soaked in water. Order online www.saveoncrafts.com

30 or more 6” stems of fresh boxwood clippings

Pruning shears

Florist wire-heavy gage or pipe cleaners for hanging

Red velvet bow- 5 yards of ribbon to make a bow


Set the form over an empty gallon bucket or nursery pot on workbench. Insert cut boxwood stems directly into the foam, no need to wire stems in groups, arrange in one direction all around the wreath.  Attach 2 green pipe cleaners or heavy florist wire to back of wreath, form a loop for hanger. Attach red velvet bow to door wreath. Hang wreath on front door or use as centerpiece with or without the bow. You might need to trim the boxwood once the wreath is made to help shape the wreath evenly.


Once you make the purchase for the wreath forms, you can reuse the foam next season by turning over the used foam and use the other side, of course the following seasons you will need to replace. Don’t have boxwood, use easy-to-find fresh greenery from your yard such as magnolia leaves, hemlock, Frasier fir, or white pine.

This wreath will last for several days but if it starts to get dry you can replenish the wreath with fresh water.  Fill a sink with 3” of water and allow the wreath to sit overnight to absorb the moisture.   Be sure to drain the wreath well before placing on the table.  To protect the table use a round placemat or other means of protection.  The wreath covers the mat and no one will see it once you add the glass urn full of shiny ornaments.  If the wreath is going to be used for the exterior decor and the weather is cool the wreath will last longer.

To get a jump start on the season order your floral wreath online.  Be careful not to stack things on top of the foam wreath once you get it.  The foam is easy to prick and dent.  This wreath is lovely with magnolia leaves and used as exterior window treatments.

The table centerpiece will be featured in November’s VIP SEEN magazine. Be sure to get a copy to see all the details. The title is called Putting on the Glitz!

Here’s a sneak a peek.



Good Day Tri-Cities segment| Boxwood Wreath

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