Graduation Dessert Table Ideas-Chevron Wall Canvas
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Graduation Dessert Table Ideas

Do you need Graduation Dessert Table Ideas for your Graduate?  Start with a painted Chevron Wall Canvas with large Gerber Daisies in bright colors as the backdrop for your table.  The bright colors in the canvas was the inspiration for the entire reception.   To watch a live presentation on Daytime Blue Ridge go to   For Step by Step instruction on how to create the Chevron Wall Canvas and more keep reading.  Recipe Development, Food Styling, Photography and Article by Liz Bushong

Graduation Dessert Table Ideas- Painted Chevron Canvas

Graduation Dessert Table Ideas-Chevron Wall Canvas

Graduation Dessert Table Ideas-Chevron Wall Canvas

This wall canvas was created for my dining room, but when graduation season came, I decided to use this canvas as the backdrop for a graduation dessert table.  The colors are so bright and cheery with the lime green, hot pink, and orange faux flowers and wide variety of painted stripes. The canvas is 20 x 30 inches, pre-primed so it was ready to be taped and painted.  I used painters blue tape to tape the stripes free hand and Folk Art acrylic paints.

Choose your favorite colors for the paints.  I like the acrylic paints for easy clean up and assortment of bright colors.  You will need one small 2 ounce bottle per color.  I purchased my paints at Hobby Lobby.   I also used a 1-inch brush for detailing and a 2-inch brush for the stripes.   One tip in selecting color for the canvas.  Pick your favorite colors!  Repeat them often in the piece if you have enough stripes, also, think about if you want the strongest color on the bottom of the canvas or repeated at least three times in the overall piece.

Another paint selection idea that might be helpful is layout the color selections on a piece of paper before painting, so you have the color combinations the way you want them to be painted.

Starting in the center of the canvas with the taping created the first row of the chevron pattern.  Keep following your pattern with tape until the entire piece is covered with tape.   Paint every other stripe, allowing the paint to dry between coats.  After completely dry, tape the remaining stripes and paint as before.  Do not leave the tape on the canvas over night the tape might not want to come off as well as the tape could pull the paint off the freshly painted stripes.

Graduation Dessert Table Ideas

Graduation Dessert Table Ideas

After the the paint has partially dried, remove the painters tape.  Allow each color to dry throughly before applying additional tape and paint for next stripe.  Now that the piece is painted and dried.  I didn’t coat it with any glaze or protective coating.   I added the faux flowers for the added punch and for a three dimensional effect.

I purchased the faux flowers at Hobby Lobby.  After the canvas was painted and completely dry, the faux flowers were attached.  I removed the long stems and cut off the back stem so the flower would lay flat on the canvas. Holding the flower in place on the front, and marking the position with my hand, I turned over the canvas and stapled the flower from the back side of the canvas, stapling the flower in three to four places so the flower would not move when canvas was hanging on the wall.  Repeat the process with the other faux flowers.  I decided 5 flowers would make a great presentation on the front of the canvas in hot pink, orange, lime green.  Variety in shapes and sizes add a lot of interest to the canvas details too.

Graduation Dessert Table Ideas- Acrylic Tray & Gerber Daisy’s

Graduation Dessert Table Ideas- Gerber Daisy Acrylic tray

Graduation Dessert Table Ideas Gerber Daisy Acrylic Tray

Triple Lemonade is served up sassy in wine glasses even though this lemonade is non alcohol.  The lemonade is one recipe with three different color coordinated flavors.  Go here for recipe and garnish ideas .  The acrylic tray was lined with 3 Gerber Daisy colors, yellow, orange and hot pink.  (You could use real or faux.)  The flavored  lemonade was made to coordinate with the daisy’s in the tray.  Don’t forget to garnish your beverage glasses, which  adds  more fun to this event and table top.

When you create a table with so much color, a neutral table cloth is the best choice for a table covering.  Your eye needs a resting place from all of the pops of color and the white table cloth provides a calming effect.  Also it is a good idea to use white serving dishes and platters for clear and appetizing food presentation.   If you notice the cake with the daisy’s on the top, I used an upside down white serving tray as a cake platter.  The loaf cake was 18 inches long and that was the only platter I had that was long enough to hold the cake.  Don’t be afraid of using what you already have but maybe in a different way, like the upside down tray as a cake platter.   I had posted the spot on cake in an earlier blog post or you can go to my website to get the recipe.

Hope you have a wonderful time with your graduate and that you create many wonderful memories on this special day!

Happy Graduation Graduate!

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