Peaches got the blues cobbler
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Peaches Got the Blues Cobbler

Peaches Got the Blues Cobbler  is baked  in canning jars are perfect for  1/2 cup servings of sweetened fruits.  Fresh ripe juicy peaches paired with blueberries are placed in a half pint mason jar and topped with a cake like cobbler topping.  Melted butter is poured over the cake like batter and berries then baked to perfection.  Mini Scoops of Vanilla ice cream are added to the warm peach and blueberry cobbler making this dessert so yummy you will want more than a half cup serving!  Learn how to peel a fresh peach.. here are 4 easy steps.

Peaches got the blues cobbler baked  in 1/2 pint canning jars sets the stage for summer entertaining! I make this through out the year but summer is the best when the fruits are in season.  Some recipes will use pie crust as the upper crust, but the sweetness of this cake like cobbler makes this dessert more appetizing and helps support the triple scoops of vanilla ice cream.  What could better than warm cobbler with ice cream!!!   Get complete recipe here   Do you know how to peel a fresh peach with out all of the nips and tucks?  Here is a peach peeling primer.

4 Easy Steps to Peeling a Peach for Peaches Got the Blues Cobbler

peach peeling primer 1

peach peeling primer step 1

Place fresh peach into a bowl of hot water for 3-4 minutes. Swirl the peach gently in the water bath to make sure water covers the entire peach.  Meanwhile, prepare an ice bath.  Place 2 cups of ice in a large bowl and fill with cold water.  This water bath is the second step to peeling a peach.

peach peeling primer step 2
peach peeling primer step 2- X marks the spot

Remove peach from hot water and with a sharp knife make an X on the bottom of the peach.  Do not go all the way through the peach, just a gently X mark through the skin.  This step will help you when you are ready to peel the peach.  Actually this is the fun part of peeling a peach.

peach peeling primer step 3

peach peeling primer step 3 cold water bath

Gently place the scored peach into the cold water bath for 1-2 minutes. You will see the peeling starting to curl up.

peach peeling primer step 4

peach peeling primer step 4 peeling the peach

Remove peach from cold water bath, gently pat the peach dry.  Where you scored the peach, pull one section of the peel at a time to remove skin.  Repeat each scored section and all peaches to be peeled.

You have just peeled a perfect peach!

 For Peaches Got the Blues Cobbler recipe

Recipe Development, Food Styling, Photography and Article by Liz Bushong

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