Orange White Tailgate

Tailgating| Score Big with these Brunch Ideas!

Need a few ideas for Tailgating before the actual tailgate?  How about a brunch menu.  Setting up for the big tailgate begins bright an early so why not make the morning set up just as festive as the big tailgate extravaganza.  Whatever team you support, color coordinate the food and table decor for a festive and fun tailgate.  This tailgate was created  using Orange and White color scheme with two teams in mind,  Virginia Tech featuring Orange and Maroon color scheme and  the University of Virginia with Orange and Navy color scheme.  Since the two teams are great rivals the ideas can be adapted to fit either team.  So  Go Wahoos!  Go Hokies! and Go Big Orange!   Make this tailgate yours!

Ideas for a fun Tailgate Brunch

Set up a biscuit buffet with jams, jellies, flavored butters and of course assorted biscuits.  You can make your biscuits and add different flavors,  cheddar cheese with cayenne pepper, or  Swiss cheese and chives.  If you don’t want to  bake your own, purchase already baked biscuits and other assorted cakes and sweets.

Orange White Tailage


Make a chalkboard sign that boast the menu for the brunch/biscuit buffet.  Use decorative ribbon to trim the chalkboard menu by taping lengths of ribbon across the front of the board and taped to  the back.  Use a large easel for support of the signage.

Line a large white basket with a colorful napkin then layer your baked goods piled high for easy self serve buffet.  Tie a team color decorative bow to the handle for a decorative touch.  In photo:  Buttermilk Biscuits, Cheddar Cheese Buttermilk Biscuits, Banana Chocolate Tea Bread, Pecan Rolls,  Orange Cranberry Scones.  ( Orange mini cakes not shown- Little Sassy Orange Creme Cakes Recipe).

Orange White Tailgate Brunch- Basket of

Paint cork board place mats with chalkboard paint and use as place settings for the food as well as to label jams and jellies, spreads and dips.  Small clothes pin chalkboard mini boards can also be used for food signage.

Orange White Tailgate

Cork Board Place mat painted with Chalk Board Paint- Chalk Board paint pen was used for labeling.

A white tablecloth will go with every team color, but if you don’t want white use the team color scheme in a solid color for the best presentation for the food.  Look for table cloths in unique places like a bath shop for shower curtain tablecloth.  These are usually long enough to cover a 4-6 ‘ table and are easy to clean, not talking about the shower liner but the outside cloth/decorative shower curtain.

Use custard cups, souffle or ramekins  in various sizes to hold condiments.   Mason Jars  with lids are also a good choice, they travel well and can be heated or iced down without breaking.  They can be used for beverages too.  Great for tea/lemonade/virgin sangrias.

The food:  Make sure you have enough meat and cheeses, good protein sources for the morning brunch.  Serve made a head peppered brown sugar bacon strips,  sausage balls with cheese cubes on a skewer,  and slices of baked ham.  Chicken nuggets on a pick would be great too.

blue & gold tabletop tailgate- biscuit buffet-

Sausage, Peppered Bacon and Sliced Ham

Blue & Gold Tabletop

Navy and Orange Tabletop Tailgate- Biscuit Buffet

For the sweets;  Serve mini cakes, like Mini Sassy Orange Creme Cakes, that are filled with a cream cheese and mini chocolate chips inside the 2″ cakes.  Bake bar cookies, brownies with different toppings, or Rice Krispie treats for easy pick up and go.  Cut the bars in shapes with cookie cutters or leave in squares.  Another fun dessert is Mini Fruit Pizza’s.  These are sugar cookies with flavored cream cheese and fresh fruit in team colors for the garnish and all self serve.

Orange White Tailgate Brunch-Fruit

Color coordinate the fruit to match team colors when serving Fruit Pizza’s.

Other Tailgating Ideas:  Add a chandelier for fun and a pennant banner, pom poms and elevations for your food presentation.

Tailgate UT

UT Tailgate Featured in Southern Living on line Blog magaizne

Tailgating in the south

Tailgating in the South- ETSU Style



Have a great time Tailgating this season! Score Big with fun ideas.  Let me know what you do for your at the game tailgate or in your own backyard tailgate.


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