Spice cocoa mix with snowman cup
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Spiced Cocoa Mix Recipe+Snow = Perfect Day!

Spiced Cocoa Mix recipe + Snow = Perfect Day!  At my house today, it is snowing big fluffy flakes and filling the branches with beautiful layers of white pillows. Snow and lots of it!!!   Hot spiced cocoa is just what I need on a day like today, bet you do too.  Doesn’t take long to stir up a batch… The Spiced Cocoa Mix recipe  is a powdered mix that you stir by tablespoons with milk or water. I like milk the best.  Then for fun… I created tiny chocolate cups with mini marshmallows to add to the hot cocoa.  Of course you have to have a snowman cup to make it really special.

Spiced Cocoa Mix Recipe

Spiced Cocoa Mix Recipe

The small candy chocolate cups are made from  melted semi-sweet chocolate chips that is poured into a small paper candy cup or cupcake liner.  It is allowed to cool, then paper liner is peeled off and ready to fill with mini marshmallows or whipped cream.   So easy so fun.  Store these in the freezer for unexpected guests.  They will freeze just fine, as long as you keep the plastic zip lock bag free from air and sealed really good.  They will break..so be careful when placing them in the freezer.  They won’t last long.. you will be melting two or three in your continuous cup of spiced cocoa.  The spice in the cocoa is cinnamon, but you could add your favorite spice along with it, hum.. haven’t tried chia spiced cocoa.  That could be interesting?

Spiced Cocoa Mix Recipe with S'More Snow packages

Spiced Cocoa Mix Recipe with S’More Snow packages

The S’More Snow packages are easy to create and you have probably seen these around with other ingredients.  I found these cute snowmen marshmallows and thought I should put a packet together. What makes mine different is the chocolate covered graham cracker that I use instead of a normal graham cracker.  You get double chocolate  with the chocolate covered graham and the Hersey mini chocolate bar!  How great is that!

For the Spiced Cocoa Recipe and how to make the mini chocolate cups you can find it here http://serveitupsassy.com/spiced-cocoa-mix/

Enjoy your snowy day!  Serve it up Sassy all day long with a warm cup of Spiced Cocoa Mix.   Let me know what you think?  How many mini chocolate cups did you eat today?  How many cups of cocoa did you have or make?

Time to make another batch, more snow is in the forecast.

Recipe Development, Food Styling, Photography and Article by Liz Bushong

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