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Spot Cake Recipe

Spot cake recipe features orange, lime and hot pink cake balls baked in the middle of a white loaf cake. The cake is decorated with butter cream fondant and decorated with orange, lime and hot pink Gerber Daisies.  This cake is so much fun to create!  You will have a great time making the cake balls, which are made from pound cake slices and tinted frosting.  The cake balls are refrigerated until firm, then added to raw cake batter and baked.  When the cake is sliced the cake has Spot-On Dots inside.  My cake was inspired by Amanda Rettke’s Book.   I changed a few things  to make it my own, but please check out her book.  It is fabulous and Spot-On when it comes to creating interesting cakes with a surprise in the middle.

The real queen of baking surprise- inside cakes is Amanda Rettke.  Her book  Surprise-Inside Cakes: Amazing Cakes for Every Occasion with a Little Something Extra Inside can be linked  here. 

 Wall Canvas provides Color Inspiration for Spot Cake Recipe Cake Spots

Chevron Wall Canvas/

Chevron Wall Canvas

I painted this wall canvas last summer and love it in my dining room.  My room is white and this canvas really pops with bright cheery color.  This was the perfect backdrop for my upcoming VIP SEEN Serve it up Sassy article.  The article featured a Graduation Gathering- an after-the-ceremony reception for the gradate.    I used the canvas as the backdrop for the dessert table which featured the Spot-On Cake!  I took my inspiration from the hot pink, lime and orange faux Gerber Daisies to create the cake spot-on dots inside the baked  cake.

Creating the Cake Spots- Balls for Spot Cake Recipe

Spot Cake Recipe-  hot pink, lime and orange frosting and pound cake slices for cake balls/

Spot Cake recipe- hot pink, lime and orange frosting and pound cake slices for cake balls

I used Sarah Lee Pound Cake to make the cake balls.  Tinted vanilla butter cream frosting in the hot pink, lime and orange in individual bowls ready to mix with the pound cake crumbs.  In a small food processor, the pound cake was pulverized into crumbs then added to the frosting bowls.

Mix the crumbs with the frosting until smooth, almost like play dough.  I rolled the dough into 1/2 inch logs, then cut into 1/2 inch pieces.  That way each ball will be the same size.  Roll the pieces into a round smooth ball.  Refrigerate until firm 30 minutes or overnight.  Be sure to cover, the cake balls will dry out.

Spot Cake  Recipein loaf pan with colored cake balls/

Spot Cake Recipe in loaf pan with colored cake ball

Chilled cake balls are placed inside cake loaf pan on top of base white cake batter. I used 4 cups of cake batter to fill this 18 x 4 1/2 inch loaf pan.  Also lined the pan with parchment paper and sprayed both sides of paper with cooking spray.  Be sure to spray the entire pan with cooking spray.

Next, prepare another cake mix (see complete recipe then pour the thick batter over the cake balls.  Be careful not to move the balls.  I used 36 cake balls for this loaf pan.  3 colors x 12 balls =36 cake balls.  Follow recipe for baking and cooling.

Spot Cake Recipe- Baked Cake /

Spot Cake Recipe-Baked Cake

Crumb Coating the Spot Cake

Spot Cake Recipe Crumb Coating/

Spot Cake Recipe Crumb Coating

Crumb coat the cake with butter cream frosting and  allow the cake to harden.  Roll out fondant to 3/8 inch thick on a confectioner’s sugar covered counter.  Pick up fondant and place over the top of the cake.  A great tasting and gluten free fondant is Fondarific.  I use this fondant a lot and  love the flavors.    It comes in many flavors and colors. Check out for ordering options. Finish the cake with fresh or faux Gerber Daisies in hot pink, lime and orange.  ( I insert a small plastic straw into the cake then place the flower stems inside the straw).

Spot Cake Recipe /

Spot Cake Recipe


Recipe Development, Food Styling, Photography and Article by Liz Bushong

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  • […] Bake an extra long loaf cake  to served many guests.  The spot-on cake was baked in an 18- inch loaf pan, then covered with a delicious butter cream fondant and decorated with three fresh Gerber Daisies, one of each themed color.   Baked inside the cake are three large pre-baked cake balls that carry the same hot pink, orange and lime color scheme for the spot-on look.  For serving purposes a long white tray was turned over to serve as the dessert cake plate.  Look around the house for items you can reuse or re-purpose.  For instructions and recipe […]

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