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Chocolate Angel Food Cake | Amy Lynn’s Grama Cle Recipe

Oh my goodness!  This Chocolate Angel Food Cake Recipe is so delicious !!!   Grama Cle shares her recipe with all of us and I had the honor of baking it on Daytime Triciies with her grand-daughter and co-host of Daytime, Amy Lynn Henry.   Amy had asked me a few weeks ago if I would be interested in baking this Chocolate Angel Food Cake for one of our segments.   Of course I said yes, I could tell how important this cake was to her and her family. She sent me the recipe and as the saying goes, the rest is history!  (Not to worry,  I have the recipe for success-> no pun intended,  in this blog post).  Perhaps, Grama Cle’s Chocolate Angel Food Cake will inspire you to start your own family tradition. 

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