Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas|
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Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

Here are a few simple Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas  that feature  Log slice chargers with acorn and leaf plates, crafted acorn napkin rings and leaf mod-podge candle holders for centerpiece.  Just in time for decorating your Thanksgiving table.  

Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas : The place-setting

Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas|

Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

Log slice chargers were used at each place-setting to ground and draw attention to the rustic feel of this table-setting.  A large dark brown charger was next in line then the classic white dinner plate.  The inspiration for the overall table decor are the leaf and acorn salad plates found at Williams and Sonoma.

“Golden oak leaves and fall acorns frame our autumnal dinnerware to showcase your favorite seasonal foods. The illustrations embellishes each piece, crafted of classic white porcelain and finished with a green rim. The dinnerware pairs easily with any white porcelain for a layered table setting perfect for fall meals.”     Love these!

Thanksgiving Tablescape Idea # 2:  The Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas|

Leaf shaped flameless candle holder

Have you made Mod-Podge® crafts?   This is a fun project that you can do with your kids.  Flame-less candle holders as seen in the photo are made with real autumn leaves.

How to make the leaf flame-less candle holder

A balloon was inflated to the size that I wanted the candle holder to be.  I placed the inflated balloon on a canning jar lid rim to stabilize, then coated the balloon with a heavy coat of  gloss Mod-Podge®.   Using the gloss finish made the holder really shiny and pretty.  It also sealed the leaves.   I allowed the glue to dry then coated each real autumn leave with a heavy coat of the Mod-Podge.  Carefully layering the leaves on the balloon and allowing the leaves to dry between layering until the sides and top of balloon was covered with leaves.   The leaf covered balloon had to sit over night to dry, then I popped the balloon.. ( that was another fun part of the project), and the balloon shrunk leaving me with a leaf shell.   I made 5 in total, one large for the center of the table, and 2 medium, and 2 small.    Mod-Podge itself is not flammable, but the leaves are… so I used flame-less candles  with a remote instead of real candles with a flame.   If you make these, you must use the flame-less candles.   You will have a great time making these.  They are really fun to create.

Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas|

Natalie Faunce, LIndee Kildare, and Liz Bushong on the set of Daytime Blue ridge, WSLS Roanoke, Virginia

I made these for a segment for WSLS- Daytime Blue Ridge  in Roanoke, Va.  We always have so much fun on this show.  Natalie Faunce, and Lindee Katdare are the co hosts of this daily life and style show.  They are very talented hosts and always are so gracious and lovely.   Here is a video of the segment.  Hope you enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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