Allendale Mansion-Floral Diplomacy Event

Bringing the White House Home with Former White House Chief Florist, Laura Dowling was the theme to a grand event at Allandale Mansion in Kingsport, Tennessee. Laura shared her floral artistry and new book, Floral Diplomacy at the White House with master gardeners, gardening enthusiasts and special friends.

Laura began the early evening with a casual seminar sharing her experience and adventures as the former White House chief florist. As she spoke, she demonstrated how to create hand tied french bouquets and stem covered vases blooming with fresh cut flowers. After the seminar and Q & A, everyone proceeded to the our “state dining room” to experience the awe of a beautifully set table.


Floral Table setting Overwhelmed Guests with Joy & Delight!

The room was so beautiful that guests were overwhelmed with emotion; Joy & Delight, even chills would be a great way to describe the overall feeling of the room.  The artistry of Laura and her way with color combinations and texture with layer upon layer of florals actually took your breath away.  Garden florals with a French flair would be a great way to describe her style.  These were not your normal “arrangements”.   Every arrangement was an art form, almost like an oil painting.

God’s artwork was on display and glorified through the hands of a very talented floral designer. 


Laura covers the container to make it seem like it is growing from the ground.  Fresh stems are attached to the base ( bucket) with a rubber band.  Then covered with floral wrapped wire.  Its the way she makes the stems move that creates the garden flow of this arrangement.

Allendale-Tablsetting lizbushong.comIn the photo below she is preparing a large Floral Arrangement in an antique punch bowl that is filled with fresh cut flowers.  The arrangement began with an empty bowl with water and a tape grid.  We used clear packing tape to create the grid, not your typical grid but an effective one.

Allendale punch bowl arrangemen

The bowl is filled with fresh water and no preservatives.  Lemon leaves help build the base of the arrangement.  Each flower stem has to be cut and prepared for the fresh cut arrangement.  Many dozens of flowers filled this bowl and each stem was gently placed in the arrangement.


The florals include lemon leaves, magnolia blooms, pink roses, assorted shades of pink to purple Ranunculus, carnations, stock, freesia and many other blooms that were lovely shades of the monochromatic color scheme.

Laura has a a love for beautiful things and treats each flower with great respect, no jamming or cramping the stems, but each one is gently and strategically placed.

One thing about Laura, I have seen her in the Floral Shop at the White House working consistently arranging florals, ranging from  small florals to extremely large ones, one after the other with a constant flow of creativity!  She is amazing to watch and comfortable to learn from.  She has vast knowledge and expertise about the Artistry of arranging flowers

Laura’s Florals…a statement of beauty and an art form.

Allendale arrangement-buffet- lizbushong.comI was sent to the grounds to find fresh blooms of magnolia and a few sprigs of ivy.  We didn’t find the ivy but found honeysuckle that was intertwined with a hemlock tree.  Being careful not to get near the poison ivy that was also in the honeysuckle patch, my friend Jan Boyd and I found a way to gather several vines.  The vines were used for the candelabras and napkin

Lemon Leaf Napkin Rings with orchids

Lemon leaf placemats and napkin rings  were made the day before the event. The vine was added at the last minute.  Small green floral tubes filled with water kept the vines from wilting during the event.

Allendale, Place

Two large silver bowls were arranged with Fresh Floral stems for the Centerpiece.

Allendale-dowling floral

Our grand dining room table  was set like a “White House State Dinner” 


For a side table with in our state dinning room, Laura created this beautiful fresh cut flower arrangement using a large antique-historic punch bowl from Allandale Mansion’s prized possessions. Every place we looked, Laura had created fresh cut arrangements for this grand event.


After the event was over the evening was coming to an end, it was time to take down all the festivities, undo the table and go home, but.. before we did… we ORDERED IN!  We decided that the wonderful friends who put this event together deserved to set down and enjoy this beautiful table with a meal together.   Instead of grabbing the Chinet  we used the beautiful china.   An Italian dinner was brought in and we enjoyed a wonderful relaxing dinner, a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Allendale tablesetting with

Special thank you to Rod Gemayel, Curator at Allandale Mansion, Jan Boyd, Teresa Foster, Connie Gleason, Patty Neas, and Susan Burns for all that you did to help make this event a huge success!

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