Apple Pie with Lattice Top

Apple Pie with Lattice Top
  • position unbaked pie crust into pie pan (can use refrigerated pie crust)
  • fill crust with apple pie filling (see page 74 * in cookbook)
  • top filling with lattice pie strips
  • (see instructions below)

Instructions for  Pie Lattice
Fill unbaked crust with fruit filling.  Notice how the edges of the pie crust hangs over the edge of the pie plate.
The crust over edge will be crimped or pinched to create the pie’s edge, which holds the juices of the filling inside pie shell.
Roll out pie crust on floured surface.  Using a 2 inch clear ruler measure 1/2 inch strips and with a pastry wheel or sharp knife, cut strips into the 1/2 inch pieces.  Cut entire pie top into strips.  Can use desired width for strips, remember you want to see the filling.
Place 5-7 strips across filling in pie plate.  You will cover pie completely in one direction before you begin weaving.
Weave a cross strip through center by first folding back every other strip, continue weaving in this manner until crust has the woven lattice look.
See photo to notice the strips folded back on every other strip.  Once you see the pattern you will be able to complete the look.  Cut strips to fit edge of filling, then crimp the pie crust edge with fingers. You can do it….sorry I don’t have a photo of crimping the pie’s edges.  Use a fork or tongs of a fork to create a pretty edge on pie.

lattice_pie_1Cover edges of pie with foil pieces to      prevent pie edges from burning.  Spray foil pieces with cooking spray.pie_with_foil

Glaze pie with egg wash for pretty golden look. Can sprinkle with granulated or sparkling sugar.  Remove foil 15 minutes before baking time is up.  Normal baking time is 50-55 minutes at 425 degrees.
You can do it!  Easy as Pie!