DIY|Spring Bulb Arrangement

Bring blooming bulbs inside for a DIY Spring Bulb Arrangement.  Tall yellow tulips, purple hyacinths, and primrose create a lovely centerpiece for a spring table setting.  Cobalt blue plates and yellow accents including the dessert focus on bright spring colors.   As well as flowering bulbs a cute little yellow faucet pick drips with a water prism to add to the Spring DIY Bulb Arrangement, even JJ the bunny welcomes Spring.

Springtime arrangement-JJ bunny-
JJ the bunny, taking in the smells of spring in this living flower arrangement











Just for Fun!-JJ lounging by











Spring table top arrangement -bird












Living Yellow tulips, purple-blue hyacinths, moss, ferns and primrose arranged in wicker flat basket for a pretty Spring Tablescape, notice the yellow faucet with tear drop prism.


DIY Spring Bulb Arrangement| Building the Base

  • Select 5-7 potted Spring flowers plus 2 ground cover green plants, like small leaf ivy and ferns. You will also need moss, reindeer moss, curly twigs and cute pick for spring.
  • Begin with a simple round edged flat bottom basket with no handle. This will be your base of the arrangement.
  • Line the basket bottom with a trash bag to water proof and protect your dining table.
  • Add custard cup or turned over small bowl to help with elevation of the forced bulb potted flowers.
  • Arrange flowers and insert twigs into a the largest potted flower in basket, cover tops of containers with moss.  Fill in any bare spots with moss. Add floral pick if desired.
  • Water arrangement every other day.


JJ standing looking our















My Sweet Bunny JJ.. couldn’t believe I got this photo shot!  Thank you JJ.







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