Fun Ladies Night Out Party Ideas & Video

Create a Fun Ladies Night Out Party with these simple ideas for an all girl, in-home Ladies Night Out gathering. Sometimes you just need a little girl time!  Gather a group of fun-loving friends for a special night of laughs, giggles and girl talk.  Catch up on the latest buzz while enjoying the company of your closest friends. Whether it’s spring , summer or fall any season is a good reason to celebrate with girl friends.

Get the party started with festive foods designed around the infamous lady bug. Our menu includes,  zucchini or cucumber appetizers dressed in red like a lady bug, a hearty mashed potatoes with all the toppings called a Mashtini Bar and for dessert, mini dark chocolate sunflower cupcakes with tiny candied lady bug.   It’s all in fun and festive.

The ladybug wears no disguises;

she is just what she advertises, a speckled spectacle of spring; a fashion statement on the wing , …” by J. Patrick Lewis. 

To set up the Mastini Bar, whip up a batch of creamy mashed potatoes and creative toppings, cheese, bacon bits, sour cream, green onions, chili, chopped ham or whatever your little heart desires.  Serve scoops of warm potatoes in a champagne glass and garnish with baked tater tot with rosemary sprig.

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Mashed Potato Bar called Mash-tini
Mashed Potato bar with Tater Tot and Rosemary garnish called a Mash-tini

Ladies Night out-lady bug high hee sassyscape-lizbushong.coml

The high heel shoe was a gift to me, so I am not able to tell you where to get one, but it was used to hold miniature high heel shoes- collectables.

Other lady bug decor includes wrapped red pop beverages, black and white striped paper straws, and a lady bug painted tray from the late watercolor artist Sharon Neuhaus.

Sharon was a dear friend and very talented artist.  Her paintings and ceramic roosters can be seen on line.  In addition to her ceramics she painted the lady bug tray below just for my party. Sharon moved to heaven in 2017 from lung c.

Check out these cute mini cheesecakes decorated like a sunflower with M & M painted lady bug for a garnish.  Served in small parfait cups just makes eating dessert fun!

Ladies Night Out-lady bug

Watch these videos with Morgan King and Liz Bushong on Daytime Tri-Cities making Ladies Night Out Party foods.

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