Historic Homes| Holiday Decorating at the White House

Decorating this Historic Home for the Holidays as a volunteer decorator is an honor and privilege. An invitation to decorate the People’s House was granted to selected designers, decorator, and florist from across this great country.

Our main goal is to implement the team of designers Christmas vision for the home, that means we are following their guidelines and expectations of what they want the decor to look like.  As a volunteer, some of our jobs were to create poinsettia leaves for a garland, or re-make old ornaments into new themes, or make bows for the White House gates. Every volunteer is part of a team and we work as a team to get the decor ready for the big installation at the house.  No room for egos here.  We are happy volunteer worker bees.

Here are a few photos of the Peoples House in 2009.

“This 390 pound white chocolate-covered gingerbread White House, as seen from the South Portico was stately presented in the State Dining Room on December 1, 2009.   This house measures 56 X 29 inches and features a vegetable garden on the South Lawn. The replicas of garden vegetables and Bo the dog, are made of marzipan.  The gingerbread State Dining Room has a working chandelier, and mini furniture made of dark chocolate.”  The wreaths were made of royal icing.  A master piece from the Pastry Chefs at the White House

4 Decorators became “bowologists”… Bow makers who made bows for wreaths, trees and ornaments.  The gold ribbon was wireless and 6 ” wide, very hard to hold in your hand while twisting and turning.  The bows were beautiful.

The Blue Room Tree- “The 18 1/2 by 13 foot Douglas fir was decked out with 650 – 700 ornaments from previous administrations.  The ornaments were sent to 60 community groups around the country for refurbishing, with instructions to decorate them with favored American landmarks.The ornaments were hung with blue ribbon embroidered with the words, “reflect, rejoice, and renew”…this year’s Holiday theme…in several languages.”



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