Catch the Waves-Crab-wich Sandwich


2 cups sandwich filling- crab salad, chicken, egg, tuna, turkey

24-mini peeled, slender baby carrots-legs

4 ounces cream cheese-eyes

8 blueberries-eyeballs

2 red delicious or gala apples-claws


Slice open the croissant and fill with desired filling.  Tuck six baby carrots into sides of sandwich or lay on plate.  Roll 8- ½ inch rounds of cream cheese into balls.  Insert cream cheese ball with blueberry on 8 long toothpicks. Insert two sticks, one set of two for each sandwich for the eyes.  Cut apples into claw shapes and place on the front of the points of the croissant sandwich.  Finish the crab by attaching a small sliver of apple for the smile with a dab of cream cheese.

Serve this sandwich on a bed of brown sugar “sand” and sea shell candies.

Seashell Candy – 1 cup white candy melts or almond bark pieces, sea shell candy mold. Melt bark or melts in zip-lock bag by placing sealed bag in bowl of hot water.  Knead candy until melted. Clip on end of bag and pipe candy into mold.  Let harden then pop out of mold.  Store in plastic container

Mold can be found at confectionery’s or online.