Memorial Day Presentation Ideas

Memorial Day Centerpiece

  • one cobalt blue glass vase
  • two-three bunches white flowers & 13 red roses
  • two small American flags

Fill container with:

  • water and floral flower booster
  • Cluster white flowers into two separate bunches, place in vase, Add roses to center front of vase. Add flags.

“Old Glory” Pie-Cupcakes

Cupcakes are made to look like blueberry and cherry pies and positioned as the stars and stripes of the American flag.

DSC02446How to create a “pie” cupcake

1. Frost cupcake thinly then add an icing rim around the edge of cupcake. (to hold filling)


2. Drain berries from juice, pat dry.  Place halfed cherries on center of cupcake.
3.  Using tip #47 (smooth side up) pipe 3 ribbons of frosting equally spaced on top of fruit.
4. Rotate cupcake and repeat to create lattice.
5. Using tip #103, wide end up, pipe ruffle,”crust” around edge of cupcake. (tip: hold cupcake in hand and rotate)
To create the blue stripe in “Old Glory” use blueberry pie filling with lattice or
create a star in center of cupcake using star tip #16.


To create white stripe, frost cupcake and dip in coconut. Repeat ruffle (pie crust)
as in the instructions above.

You will need 35 vanilla cupcakes to complete the “Old Glory” flag.