Pork Crown Roast

Be sure to watch Daytime Tri-Cities today or the video later to see how to create this beautiful roast.

crown roast 3 MB

A crown roast if cut right has a beautiful presentation.  It can be 2 bone-in pork loin roasts with the rib bones frenched and chine bones removed, which makes the meat easier to shape and tie into a crown shape.  Ask the butcher at Food City to make this cut for you.  Tell them how many you want to serve to determine the number of ribs you will need.  For this recipe, I used a 6 pound, 10 bones roast.  It will yield 10 servings.

You will also need a large baking pan with a V-Rack.

Here is the Food City butcher cutting the loin.  ( Warning” it is graphic)

Billy Keys- butcher Food City

Billy Keys Food City Meat Department- Butcher

standing ribs to cut 1 A

This is the loin with 10 ribs and chine bone removed.

Crown Roast- butcher cutting ribs 2

This is the butcher cutting each section so it can be shaped into the crown shape.

crown roast- shaping 3

The butcher is creating a whole for the kitchen twine to be pulled thorough.

Once the twine is pulled through then the loin will take it’s shape.  I added more twine when i was preparing this dish.. the roast needed more support at the base.

c roast-tied 4

Pulling the twine tight to create the curve and standing ribs.


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