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Graduation Party Ideas
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Graduation Party Ideas

Here are several Graduation Party Ideas for your Graduate.  These ideas feature neon themed Gerber daisies,  easy pick up foods and a brightly decorated table. This Graduation Party reception  features a cake that is spot on with baked themed in color,  cake balls inside the cake triple lemonade and candy graduation caps.

It was just a few years ago on a bright sunny morning, you held the hand of your six -year old  as a big yellow school bus pulled up in front of your mailbox.  It was time to board the bus for their first day of school.   Your little darling could hardly reach the first step on the bus but with a gentle nudge from you, the climb to board was easy.  As you held back the tears, the excitement and joy in your child’s eyes melted your heart, and a new page in this chapter of life had just been turned.   As the pages of time turned year after year it is now 2015 and graduation day is on the horizon.  Everything you need for a simple reception is right here!  

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