Mash-tini -Mashed Potato Recipe|Appetizer

Mashed Potato Bar called Mash-tini

Mashed potatoes are served in martini glasses with a topping bar for a quick and warm appetizer.  Garnish with baked tater tot and rosemary for cute presentation.



12 medium russet potatoes, peeled and quartered
½ cup Hellman’s mayonnaise
1 teaspoon garlic powder
½ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon white pepper-optional

2 cups bacon bits, sharp cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, black olives, sour cream with 2 Tablespoons prepared horseradish, chopped green onions, condiments of choice for toppings.
Garnish: 6 -12 baked tater-tots, fresh rosemary sprigs and toothpicks


  1. In large saucepan, boil potatoes until tender. Drain and mash.
  2.  Add mayonnaise or flavor the potatoes as desired. Bake tater tots as package.
  3. Using toothpick, attach tot to pick, and add rosemary sprig to top of tater tot.
  4. Using a large ice cream scoop, scoop a large potato ball or mound into martini glasses.
  5. Place tater tot garnish on top of potato mound in serving glass.
  6. Each guest can add the condiments they desire.



Keep mashed potatoes warm in a chafing dish or heated trays, or serve immediately.

If you have left over mashed potatoes, save them for soups as they will help thicken the broth or make fried potato cakes.

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