Patriotic Mini Charcuterie

Making mini charcuterie board for placesettings

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Super easy mini charcuterie dressed up for every Patriotic Party. Red, White & Blue tortellini kabobs, Mini Cherry Vanilla cupcakes with long stem cherry, assorted chocolates, cut out Swiss cheese stars and Vinta cracker makes a great board for place settings.



Making the Mini Charcuterie for 6 place-settings

6– red, white, blue frilly picks

6-red, white, blue tortellini kabobs* recipe attached

6 mini Cherry Vanilla cupcakes with 6 long stem maraschino cherries, well drained

61/4” slices of Swiss Cheese cut into mini stars using star cookie cutter

6– small white star dishes or small dish of choice to hold chocolates

18 pieces of individually wrapped chocolates ( 3 pieces per board).

Red, White and Blue Tortellini Kabobs


1 pkg. refrigerated tortellini

2 drops each super red, royal blue food gel

1/2 cup baby mozzarella pearls

1/2 cup Italian dressing

1 package of red, white and blue frilly picks for skewers


  1. Follow cooking instructions on tortellini packages. Drain and chill.
  2. In two zip lock bags, place 1/3 of chilled tortellini in each bag.
  3. Tint one bag with red food gel, repeat with other bag blue gel. Toss to color pasta. (Wear gloves when handling pasta). To Make Kabobs see below or you can serve the tortellini in a large bowl with 2/3 of the cooked tortellini. Do not microwave the pasta mozzarella pearls will melt.
  4. Keep tinted pasta in bags until serving.
  5. Place remaining pasta in bowl and add remaining ingredients except colored tortellini. Toss to coat with dressing.
  6. Spoon colored pasta and mozzarella pearls to dish right before serving.

Making the Kabob Skewers

  1. Wear latex gloves when handling the red and blue tortellini. the food will bleed.
  2. With frilly red white and blue picks/skewers, thread one red, natural, and blue tortellini on skewer, end with white mozzarella pearl.
  3. Place tortellini kabab on Vinta cracker to serve. (cracker will protect your board from tinted tortellini).



Serve chilled.

Be careful with the colored tortellini, it will stain whatever it touches.