ST. Patricks Day Table Centerpiece DIY

DIY How to Make St. Patricks Day Hat Centerpiece

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Green card stock is sandwiched between two vases to create the hat centerpiece while the brim of the hat features a round flat circle made from same card stock.  Add black ribbon, card stock gold buckle and tiny shamrock for the brim decor.  Center vase is filled with water and fresh flowers.



3 sheets card stock- green

1 sheet card stock- gold- for buckle or real buckle

13” x 6″ round glass vase (inner vase or use a quart mason jar)

15” x 8″ round glass vase- outer vase

scissors, glue, tape

shamrock pattern/used a cookie cutter

1 yard- 1/2″ wide black satin ribbon for band

Fresh flowers- used 5 white tulips and 7 stems of baby’s breath


Cut green card stock to fit inside outer 4″ vase, tape to seal edge.

Place inner glass vase or mason jar inside outer larger vase. Fill inner vase with water when ready to arrange.

Make the hat brim by cutting a large 8″ circle from green card stock. Cut out with scissors.

Make card stock buckle and shamrock.  For the shamrock, make it three dimensional by making three small heart shapes.  Fold each heart in half vertically and glue to flat shamrock petal sections.  This will make your shamrock look fuller.

Arrange white tulips in inner water filled jar, fill in with baby’s breath, cutting stems to fit the vase.

Change water every day for lasting blooms.

To present as a table centerpiece- place on a cake stand for elevation if desired.