Snow Globe Cake

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18 inch round two -layer white frosted cake-no décor-purchased or home made.

3 cups sweetened flaked coconut

2 cups vanilla frosting

25 + peppermint sticks- 5 inches tall *


Snowman ornament of choice or winter snow scene- 4 inch x 4 inch

18 inch glass bubble bowl, with a 6-7 inch opening-purchased @ Michaels

14 x 6  inch felt top hat-purchased at Michaels Craft Store

8 inch round glass cake pedestal or cake plate


  1. Using one cup of vanilla frosting- re-frost top of purchased cake
  2. Toss 1 cup of coconut on top of newly frosted cake.
  3. Dab back- side of peppermint sticks with frosting in two places, attach to sides of cake vertically. If you prefer to use coconut, thinly re-frost cake and add coconut to the sides of the cake instead of the peppermint sticks.
  4. Place a piece of plastic wrap discretely under the ornament or scene, place on center of cake.
  5. Before serving cake, add glass dome. Attach top hat to top of glass dome.
  6. Remove glass dome and ornament before serving.

Ordered green and white peppermint sticks by

Recipe adapted from Taste of Home-Happiness Under Glass,

Marie Louise Ludwig