Spring Wreath Centerpiece

Spring Wreath Centerpiece

Do it Yourself Spring Table Centerpiece



Grapevine wreath- 10″,

89” round glass canister

89” round candle

18 oz package bright green reindeer moss or moss of choice

23 branches of soft pink or color of choice faux flowers with leaves

2– faux roses

35 faux berries with stems

Several curly willow branches, cut into 7-9″ lengths

Faux bird nests with birds and eggs

Faux small ivy leaves or other small fill in greenery

Glue gun with glue

Wire cutters

floral picks or U shaped pins


  1. Gather all materials before assembling
  2. Lay wreath on flat work surface, hot glue moss in random positions on the top of grapevine wreath.
  3. Add willow or other twigs around the base of wreath with all branches going in the same direction around the edge.  Use assorted lengths and uneven placement for more texture and interest.
  4. Glue or pick nest on one side of wreath, around 8.  Picture your wreath as a clock with the hands on 8.  Place another nest at 2 .  Or 10 and 4.
  5. Position faux stems and ivy around the nests and at 5-6:00 on the wreath.
  6. Fill in the remaining wreath with berries, faux roses and additional twigs or moss to completely cover the space.
  7. Place on cake stand in the center of your table or buffet, add the clear glass canister with white pillar candle.


  • Tips:  Work in uneven numbers when selecting floral’s  3, 5, 7
  • Think of your wreath as a clock face when positioning elements. Place similar elements in size and shape on opposite sides from each other, like 2-7 or 10-5 but not 3-9 or 12-6.  If elements are placed asymmetrical your wreath will balance better.