DIY Caramel Apple Cider Bombs

Apple Cider Bombs

Salted caramel candy melts form bomb shell that is filled with made from scratch apple cider mix.  Candy melt leaf and cinnamon stick is attached to the finished bomb to resemble a caramel apple.



1 bag salted caramel candy melts- tested wilton

1 silicone half sphere mold

Apple Cider Spice Mix

31/2” cinnamon sticks.

24 ounces Organic or unsweetened Apple juice


  1. In microwave safe bowl, melt one package of candy melts at 15 second intervals in microwave.  Stir and repeat until melts are fully melted.
  2. Place silicone mold on a small baking sheet one that will fit inside your freezer or refrigerator.
  3. Spoon melted candy inside the mold cavities using a small pastry brush or back of spoon.  Push candy up and over the sides of the mold.  Chill 10-12 minutes in freezer or refrigerator.
  4. Gently remove the candy from the mold, by pressing gently to release. Once released, place shell upright on the back side of the mold to hold in place while filling with dry mix.
  5. In warm skillet, gently melt all half spheres to remove uneven edges. Turn three of the molds upright on the back side of your mold to hold in place as you fill those with dry mix.
  6. Fill three of the half rounds with 1 tablespoon spice mix or as desired.
  7. Return the remaining three half round spheres to the skillet and slightly melt edges then attach to filled rounds forming a ball or ‘bomb’.
  8. With remaining melted candy, spread on a parchment lined baking sheet to 1/4″ thickness. If necessary reheat melts until it is fully melted and smooth.
  9. With a small leaf cookie cutter, cut out three leaves for the the three bombs.
  10. Melt candy melts again, and drizzle over the bombs for decor.
  11. Dip one end of the cut 1/2 ” cinnamon stick in melted candy and attach to the top of the bomb for an apple stem, then dip stem end of candy leaf in melted candy melts and attach to the top of the bomb leaning on the stem to hold in place. Hold in place for a few seconds until it is secure on top of the rounds.
  12. To serve:  Fill mug or 8 ounce cup with hot apple juice and drop in bomb. Stir to melt.
  13. Be sure to remove cinnamon stick before drinking as not to swallow the stick.


Apple cider can be used, but make sure it is not too sweet for the bomb is sweet.

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