Cranberry boxwood Topiary DIY

Nothing is prettier than fresh cranberries and boxwood stems mixed together for a lovely table centerpiece, especially for Christmas. This Christmas DIY begins with hobknob white 8″ vase, several bags of fresh cranberries, and fresh boxwood clippings. Fresh cranberries are glued with floral adhesive and attached to a moss covered styrofoam ball. Rows of fresh cranberries on the ball makes a stunning centerpiece against the contrast of white in the vase. Reminiscent of the White House Red Room Cranberry Tree this topiary might become your tradition each Christmas too. It’s not difficult and you will love the results. Hope you will try making these for your Christmas Tables or give as gifts. Your centerpiece will be Shining Bright as Ever!!!

How to make a cranberry and boxwood topiary centerpiece

How to Make a Cranberry Boxwood Topiary

Cranberry boxwood Topiary DIY

Supplies Needed for Cranberry Boxwood Topiary

20-30 sprigs of fresh boxwood

1-12 ounce bags of fresh cranberries

1-6″ round styrofoam ball

3-4 wooden skewers or picks


1 Mossy Mat Peel & Stick- found at Hobby Lobby

1-6″ x 6″ white hobnail container- found at Hobby Lobby

1 block oasis floral foam

1 tube Floral Adhesive


Saturate floral foam in water filled sink. About 30 minutes.

Cut 1/4″ slice off styrofoam ball so it will sit flat. Peel & stick sheet moss to ball. Set aside.

How to make cranberry  and boxwood topiary

Fill white container with wet oasis floral foam. Cut boxwood stems 7″ long, insert around the container edge filling until full but leaving the center free of sprigs. The ball will be sitting on top of the boxwood. 

How to make cranberry  and boxwood topiary

Place fresh cranberries in large bowl, sort berries by size by removing small or tiny ones and any blemished or dried berries.  

How to make cranberry  and boxwood topiary

Insert boxwood sprigs around vase edge and leave about a 3″ x 3″ opening in the center of the foam for the ball to be inserted. 

How to make cranberry  and boxwood topiary

Insert wooden skewers into flat bottom of ball and position ball on the center of the foam in vase. Push with fingers to secure it is stable.

Using floral adhesive place a small dot of glue on one side of cranberry and attach to moss covered ball.   Make sure the berries are very dry before apply adhesive. Apply berries in rows around the vase. On second row alternate the berries from the first row so you fill in gaps. Completely fill the ball with fresh cranberries.  Here’s where I ordered the adhesive.

Tip:  It is best to do this outside weather permitting for the adhesive has a strong oder and not healthy to breath.  Have a wet paper towel or wash cloth handy for the glue is sticky. 

How to make a cranberry boxwood topiary centerpiece adding the berries to foam ball

 All done and it is beautiful! 

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