DIY Rose Cranberry Centerpiece

Nothing is prettier than Cranberries and Red Roses mixed together for a lovely table centerpiece, especially for Christmas or Valentines Day. This Christmas DIY begins with hobnail white 8″ vases, two dozens of red roses, several bags of fresh cranberries, and fresh boxwood clippings, red hypericum berries and floral foam. It’s not difficult and you will love the results. Hope you will try making these for your Christmas Tables or give as gifts. Your centerpiece will be Shining Bright as Ever!!!

Cranberry rose centerpieces DIY project for Christmas

DIY Rose Cranberry Centerpiece

How to Make the Cranberry Rose Centerpieces

Gather your supplies:  

24 red roses, cut stems into 8″ pieces and at an angle

20 sprigs of fresh boxwood clippings, 6-8″ long, cut at an angle

3-5 bunches of red hypericum berries

1-6″ x 6″ white hobnail container

2 blocks of oasis floral foam

pruning shears


Place floral foam in sink or large container. Allow running water over the foam until fully saturated (about 20 -30 minutes). If you don’t want to leave your water running that long, which I don’t like to do.  I just filled a sink full of water and weighted the oasis down under the water until fully saturated.  You can use bricks or heavy bowls to hold the oasis in the water.  Photo is example and not the supplies for this DIY. This is a porch pot.

How to make a porch pot

Trim ends of roses at an angle, remove leaves on the stems except leaves close to the head of the rose. Cut rose stems 8″ long, remove thorns.

How to make a Cranberry rose centerpiece

Cut foam to fit level with top of container. Insert roses around the perimeter of the top of the vase forming a ring. Insert roses about 4″ into the foam, with remaining 4″ around the vase.  Stems should touch the rim of the container. 

How to make a Cranberry rose centerpiece

Insert a rose into the foam at the top center, then fill in with roses between the center rose and around the ring forming a pretty rounded shape.

How to make a Cranberry rose centerpiece

Cut boxwood into picks or sprigs and insert into empty spaces around the arrangement. 

Cut hypericum berries 6-8″ long and insert into empty spaces filling in and completing the centerpiece. 

Cranberry rose centerpiece tablescape

Keep centerpiece fresh by misting with water and storing in cool place until ready to display or give away.  Centerpiece will last as long as the roses. 

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Cranberry rose centerpieces DIY project for Christmas

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