Gold & White diningroom shining bright

Shining gold with white makes season bright… that is what this table setting is all about. Bright gold chargers, white dinner plates makes room for gold and white polka dinnerware. Entertaining for Christmas dinner will be quick with a simple centerpiece of white Christmas tree shaped candles. Soft metallic gold leaves line the center of the table weaving in and out of the tree candles. Takes moments to put together and it is lovely for Christmas.

How to Set the Table using Gold & White

Gold & White diningroom  shining bright

No need for a white table linen for my table top is white. (I painted my cherry table top satin white enamel paint with three coats of non yellowing polyurathane.) But if your table is not white you will want to use a white tablecloth.

Bright gold & white was inspired by the white Christmas candle trees in the centerpiece and the cute gold & white polka dot cup n saucers. A quick trip to home goods I found the chargers with great detail, the white rimmed dinner plates, and cups & saucers. You always need another set of white porcelain plates. Right! Adding silverware and crystal cut beverage glasses help round out the place-settings. Besides the cute napkin fold with tree napkin ring.

Gold & white Table Centerpiece

Gold & White diningroom shining bright

Gold & White Centerpiece DIY 

I went to Hobby Lobby and found these leaf picks. They were metallic silver but I needed soft gold. Yes, I spray painted the leaves and laid them down the center of the table.  I used 12 picks and separated some of the leaves into thirds.  Nestled in the leaves are glass candle stands with white candle Christmas trees.  The two gold and white polka dot trees are ceramic but help carry the theme of gold & white polka dots. ( I found those at Home Goods). Couldn’t be easier to make for a centerpiece.  To warm it up, closer to Christmas I will add fresh greenery…maybe?  I might just like it simple the way it is. Sometimes less is more. 

Let’s Talk About the Napkin Ring

Gold white diningroom Decor

I love these napkins with tree beaded napkin ring.  The rings came in a package of 4 from Home Goods as well as the napkins.  The napkins have a soft gold metallic thread blanket stitched around the edges of the 20 x 20″ linen.  If you want to make a set, just purchase white napkins, and hand sew the edges with Metallic thread. The fold itself is a luncheon napkin fold. 

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Gold white diningroom Decor

A friend of mine, gave me this 7′ slender tree so I could flock it.  The flocking was easy to do, but I did it outside. I used a product called sno-floc.  Water in a pistol grip sprayer and the sno floc lightly coated my tree. The sno flock has adhesive in the flakes and water activates the glue. I used a sifter to lightly coat the branches. To help with coating, I coated each 1/3 of the tree limb by limb. Didn’t take long but you don’t want to do this inside the house. The snow is very fine and flies!!! LOl.  Let the tree dry up to 24 hours before you decorate. When you move the tree and decorate the snow does come off, I think that is part of any flocking unless you use spray paint to flock. 

Gold white diningroom Decor ornaments

The white and gold poinsettias were found at hobby lobby. I used three different ribbons from the bridal section due to not being able to find Christmas white ribbon or soft gold ribbon.  I paid a little bit more for the bridal ribbon but it was the look I was going for. 

Gold & white dining room ornaments

Grouping the poinsettia, with ribbon loops and beaded stem created the floral piece. I made 12 of these to insert in the tree.  For the tree topper I used two gold stems wired together to create the spikes at the top of the tree. 

Gold white diningroom Decor ornaments

Gold & White diningroom shining bright

In addition to painting my table white I also painted my buffet table white, changed the hardware and added two new features… buffet lamps with soft gold and acrylic and the star of the buffet is the Mirrored Tree! This was inspired by Kinwoven Christmas Rebecca Robeson. I loved it so much I had to make me one.  Check out the DIY instructions here. 

Gold white diningroom Decor diy

Hope you enjoyed this Gold & White Christmas table and decor. It was fun creating. It is so relaxing to turn off all the lights except for the tree and watch it light up the room. xo 

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