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Create a colorful King of Hearts Cake & Crowns Table-scape for Easter will bring oohs and awes from your guests.  Golden crowns take center stage in the centerpiece, Vanilla Cherry  Cakes, velvet hearts, and napkin rings. Spring colors  from soft pink to magenta, white, green florals with golden crowns make this table royal!  This setting is beautiful for Easter Dinner as well as other heart felt meaningful celebrations.

How to create hearts & crown table setting lizbushong.comCelebrate Easter with Crowns for His Glory!

The king of kings was the inspiration for this royal table scape.  I found online the center crown for the centerpiece while two smaller crowns for the cakes created the focal point of the table. One thing led to another, soft pink velvet hearts and napkins with crown napkin rings.   Yes, the velvet hearts have crown napkin rings attached to the the centers.  I ordered 12 napkin rings for my table set for 6.  Therefore, 6 rings were enough and the right size to add to the stuffed hearts.  While some stuffed hearts come with crowns, they were too small for the size I needed.

Queen/King of hearts tablescape lizbushong.com

Floral Centerpiece with Crown

How to set Crowning Table with Centerpiece lizbushong.com

How to Make the Crown Floral Centerpiece

The floral centerpiece is one of my favorites.  I found the flowers at Kroger’s floral department. Pink carnations, snapdragons, alstroemeria, tulips, Calla Lilies are just a few florals I found.  This was not the original plan, for I had wanted pink, magenta, white roses and tulips however; a shopper who must have been from a florist filled his shopping cart with all of the solid pink tulips, roses, well anything pink, dark pink, white, and green.  Much to my dismay and surprise, he actually took everything.

With a quick prayer, I went a different direction and selected the flowers you see in the arrangement.  Actually, the texture and beautiful mix is better than what I had planned.

Crown Centerpiece lizbushong.com

Florals how to make crown floral centerpiece lizbushong.com

Once you have the golden crown and elongated white gravy boat for a vase, head to your local grocery store or florist to pick up your florals.  You will also need oasis, the green wet foam, enough to fit your vase base. Soak the oasis in water to saturate, then place snuggly in the base.

Cut all the stems of the flowers at an angle and place in tepid water while you create your centerpiece.  I used one single white rose, carnations, alstroemeria, tulips, Calla lilies, snap dragons and green feather moss. For added continuity to go with the dessert, I added gum drop hearts to the arrangement.

Place the crown in the center of the oasis first, then build the arrangement around the crown. Calla lilies are placed at an angle on both sides of centerpiece, with snapdragons shooting out from the center as well as around base edge over hanging the vase.  You are creating a triangle shape with the crown being the point of the triangle.

Tulips are next, then carnations and alstroemeria.  The single rose is a faux one, but who can tell. so there is no oasis or water in the center of the crown

Setting the Table with Crowns & Hearts

Crowns & hearts table setting lizbushong.com

Whether you want to use a single gold charger or add a placemat, you can decide. For the round leaf placemat, I used brown paper as a base and added faux leaves with hot glue. This placemat can be used over and over, however you need to use a charger with it, due to the nature of the paper as well as only using two rows of the leaves around the edge.

Napkin fold with crown napkin rings lizbushong.com

I just love the crown napkin rings for this table setting. The gold charger and napkin ring help tie the Crowning theme together.  The cutlery is actually plastic and can be reused for future events, I found them here.

Make a Crowning Cake for the Dinner

Dessert Cake with crown lizbushong.com

Dessert doesn’t have to be complicated, this crowning cake is vanilla almond flavored cake with cherry jam between layers of buttercream.  No decorative piping just candy gumdrop hearts and white almond M & M’s.  Get recipe here or tap on photo above.

Crowns & hearts table setting lizbushong.com

Having white dinner plates in assorted styles and shapes will help setting any table in style.  Make sure you have a set of 8-12, then start collecting smaller salad and dessert plates. Entertaining at home will become so easy for you, no matter what the occasion or celebration.

Enjoy!  xo


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