Cherry Pie Pastry Envelope
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Cherry Pie Pastry Envelope

Make this Cherry Pie Pastry for your next Valentine’s Day Tea or Party.  The pastry crust is folded like a small envelope then filled with a sweet cherry filling, sprinkled with sparkling sugar and baked until golden brown.  The sparkling sugar gives the pastry a glistening look and another layer of sweet.  So fun, so easy and so cute.   Read more for instructional how to in making this little envelope.

How to make this Cherry Pie Pastry Envelope

The pastry is refrigerated pie crust that you find at your local grocery store.  The filling is canned cherry pie filling, be sure to watch for cherry pits in the filling.  You don’t need much filling for each pastry.  If you overfill it, the filling will spill over the pastry and the presentation will not be pretty.  I also used a sharp knife to score around the edges of the crust for added decoration.  You can make this small pastry with any pie filling. This cute little pastry was inspired by A Little loveliness  blog , with Melissa Lester.  For recipe

Step by Step Envelope Folding

Here is the finished pastry.

Cherry Pie Pastry Envelope

Cherry Pie Pastry Envelope


Make a pattern from the size of envelop you want to copy.  Place the pattern on the rolled pie pastry, I used Pillsbury Pie Crust®.  Using a sharp knife cut around pattern.  Place this pattern on a parchment lined baking sheet.

Cherry Pie Pastry  Envelope Pattern

Cherry Pie Pastry Envelope Pattern


Add 1 large tablespoon of filling to upper third of pastry.  Allow  about 1/2 inch space all around the filling.  You can pick up the edges of the pastry to see if the pastry will fold easily and not have the filling ooze out from the sides.

Cherry Pie Pastry envelop with filling

Cherry Pie Pastry envelope with filling


Fold over the right pastry flap or extension over the center of the filling.  Then repeat with other side.

Cherry Pie Pastry Envelope Folding Process Step 1

Cherry Pie Pastry Envelope Folding Process Step 1



Cherry Pie Pastry Envelope Step 2

Cherry Pie Pastry Envelope Step 2

For last fold, turn up pastry point facing you to from the opened envelope.  To help with the presentation and to keep all the envelope points joined , add a heart pastry cut out from the pie crust scrapes.  Using a small amount of water on your fingertip as “glue” to hold the heart shape in place.

Take a sharp knife and score around each flap and edges of envelope.  You don’t have to do this, but it gives the pastry more definition after baking.

Cherry Pie Pastry Envelope  Step 3

Cherry Pie Pastry Envelope Step 3

Brush an egg wash, water or cream over the finished pastry then sprinkle with sparkling sugar.  Now it is ready to bake. Bake at 375 for 15-20 minutes.  Watch carefully so it doesn’t burn.  Lightly cover with foil it the edges get brown before the center bakes.  Remove from oven and allow to cool, before removing from baking sheet.  For recipe go to

Cherry Pie Pastry Envelope to Bake

Cherry Pie Pastry Envelope to Bake


Have fun with this dessert, you can make it any size you want, just adjust to the size you want it to be.  LB

Recipe Development, Food Styling, Photography and Article by Liz Bushong

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