Red, White, Blue Stars n Stripes Tablescape

Celebrate summer with the beautiful red, white and blue, stars n stripes holiday color scheme.  Whether it is Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day keep this setting in mind for stars and stripes. The setting features star rimmed placemats, classic white dinner ware, red, white and blue floral centerpiece. In addition, Mini Strawberry Pies baked in jar lids are star studded and striped with pastry to go along with the theme.  As a result of all of these ideas your table will create a lasting memory. And the best part it is simple to put together for you.

How to Create this Red, White and Blue Setting

Star Studded Table Features Simple Dinnerware

White dinnerware is always a great idea for table settings, it goes with every color scheme. Selecting different white on white patterns will help you set numerous tables using different themes. You will be so happy you did.

Red, White, Blue Stars n Stripes Tablescape

Stars n Stripes Patriotic Table scape| Dessert Mini Strawberry Pies

In keeping with the color scheme, strawberry filling peeks out through the star and striped crust of these Mini Strawberry Pies. Pies are baked in canning jar lids. 

How to Set Red white and blue stars and stripes tablesetting

Mini Strawberry Pies are baked in canning jar lids/rims and decorated like stars n stripes with pie crust.  Easy recipe and fun to make. Tap on link for recipe: 

Red, white, blue stars n stripes table setting

Overall, each place setting features round place mats with themed stars, blue and white checked napkins, the classic white dinner plate and a small laced edge dessert plate with Mini Strawberry Stars and Striped crust. So fun… your guests will love your creativity and colorful table. 

Stars n Stripes Patriotic Table scape| Napkin Fold

Red, White, Blue Stars n Stripes Tablescape- napkin fold

A Blue and white checked cloth dinner napkin is folded into triangles that can be standing or flat on the dinner plate at each place setting.  See how to fold this napkin here:

Stars n Stripes Patriotic Table Scape| Centerpiece & Place Setting

Potted verbena,  petunias and small blue lobelia makes the perfect table centerpiece.  After the event plant this arrangement in your flower bed for lasting blooms throughout the summer.

Red, White, Blue Stars n Stripes Tablescape

Last but certainly not least the classic white dinner plates and cut out edged dessert plates brings calmness to the overall setting.  The white table cloth grounds the table scape and makes a beautiful simple background.

Hope you enjoy this pretty table.  Celebrate in Patriotic style with the classic red, white and blue!

Red, White, Blue Stars n Stripes Tablescape-dessert

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