Florals fall lambs ear wreath lizbushong.com

Need a fall wreath for your front door? Make this Lambs Ear & pumpkin autumn wreath. Simple wreath to put together featuring grapevine as the base, filled with beautiful faux lambs ear, orange & yellow thistles, with mini pumpkins. Whether you use all white mini pumpkins or mix with black & white the wreath is pretty. Make it yours using orange mini pumpkins.

 Welcome Fall Wreath how to make lizbushong.com

How to Make This Beautiful Fall Wreath 

Florals fall lambs ear wreath lizbushong.com

Gather your supplies: 

For this wreath I used a grapevine wreath, 2- Faux lambs ear garlands cut into sections, and one large faux globe orange thistle. Several thistles were on this stem that I separated into groupings. You will also need 6-7 mini faux pumpkins, wire cutters and florist green or brown wire.  I use a  18 gauge wire wrapped on a paddle. This is great for crafting, it isn’t too thick or too thin to work with. 

Prepping your florals- cutting your stems

I purchased everything at Hobby Lobby when it was 50% off. Yeah! Every other week they have 40-50% off florals.  Begin with the two lambs ear garlands. I found that garlands had more leaves than the individual stems and bushes, since I was filling the entire grapevine wreath with greenery it made sense to purchase 2 garlands. 

Tip: If you don’t want your base greenery to completely fill the wreath you could get by with one garland if there are several leaves around 18 sections per garland. 

When I mention sections this just means a grouping of the leaves that are connected on the main garland stem.  Usually it includes 3- 5 leaves on one or two stems that are connected. 

Floral Tutorial-Fall Wreath-lambs ear garland sections lizbushong.com 

This is where you will cut the stem. At the bottom of the stem right before you get to another cluster of leaves use your wire cutters and cut leaves into sections completely dismantling the garlands.  You will do the same with the orange thistles, keep thistles connected in groups of three if you can. This will be easier to insert into the wreath. 

Whether you cut the garlands in sections, or place the entire garland as one piece on the wreath, it will be very pretty. If you go this route, you will need to wire the garland to the grapevine wreath so it will stay in place. 

Floral Tutorial-Fall Wreath-lambs ear garland sections lizbushong.com

Next insert the stems in the grapevine wreath alternating sides of the wreath and down the center. Continue until all the stems fill the entire wreath.

Floral Tutorial-Fall Wreath-lambs ear garland sections lizbushong.com

Next cut a piece of wire about 20″ long- wrap the wire once around the patterned pumpkins and twist at the bottom, you should have two tails, now position the pumpkin on the wreath in your desired location. 

Floral Tutorial-Fall Wreath-mini pumpkins  lizbushong.com

Floral Tutorial-Fall Wreath-mini pumpkins  lizbushong.com

How to make a fall wreath with lambs ear, lizbushong.com

Attach pumpkins evenly around the wreath, see photo for guidance. Add thistles where there is open spaces on the wreath.  Thats it!  You’re done except for adding a hanger to the back of wreath. 

Floral Tutorial-Fall Wreath-mini pumpkins  lizbushong.com

I used the hanger that came off the garland for my hanger. Cut the stem with the hanger about 2″ long. Attach.

Wreath Supplies- adding hanger to wreath lizbushong.com

Welcome Fall Wreath lizbushong.com

Do you like the pumpkin topiaries? 

Make a set using faux pumpkins, so you can keep them each year. Simply put, select one large, one medium and one small faux pumpkin. Remove stem on large and medium pumpkin, drill a center hole in bottom and top of each pumpkin. Leave the stem on the small pumpkin and drill a center hole in bottom only. Drilling the holes the measurement is the width of your dowel rod. I used a 1/2 “. The dowel rod will go through the pumpkins for stability.  I also made a plaster of paris milk carton mold, with a center hole for dowel rod. the rod will twist out once the plaster has hardened.  

To assemble, place the milk carton plaster with dowel rod in a large urn or clay pot, cut a round 1/8″ piece of wood to sit on top of the pot, which will hold a grapevine wreath filled with faux leaves.  The pumpkins sit on top of the wreath and board underneath. Thread the painted pumpkins on the dowel rod.  To see how to paint the pumpkins check out this post. 

Welcome Fall Wreath how to make lizbushong.com

Enjoy this fall wreath. It will take about 90 minutes to make. Make a statement, Make it sassy and Make it your’s! 

Here is a video on how to assemble the topiaries.  Video shows Christmas Ornament topiaries but instructions are the same for pumpkin topiaries. 

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