Bridal Shower Ideas| Red High Heels

Kick up your “red high heels” and dust off the cowboy boots, it’s not a hoe down but a Southern “all girl” bridal shower.  Three inch red high heel butter cookies takes center stage on the red and turquoise “dressing” dessert buffet table.

Bridal Shower Ideas|Red and Turquoise Color Scheme

Best 3_ High Heel Butter Cookie Recipe

Turquoise and bright red color scheme made this shower easy to coordinate with table decor and desserts.  A three inch high heel cookie cutter makes this cookie tray exciting to look at and tasty to eat.  The butter cookie recipe will not spread during baking so what you cut out is what you get. Meringue icing glazes the cookies.  Easy recipe so be sure to get Red High Heel cookie recipe and cutter here. 

Bridal Shower Ideas| Dressing Table Dessert Buffet

Spa Cookie Recipe-

Everything you would find in a make up bag, mirrors, lipstick, nail polish was presented on this dessert buffet in butter cookie form.  Hat boxes, tall buffet lamps and a large mirror set the stage for the “dressing” dessert table.

Bridal Shower Ideas| Staging Table with Desserts

Creating elevations and presenting foods on decorative serving platters showcases the different types of foods served and draws the eye to the individual dishes.

Red High Heel Bridal Shower- Dessert Buffet























Decorated Creme Puffs are served semi frozen in glass dome for self serving dessert.

How to Decorate dessert table for bridal shower


Mini Cheesecake Shots are served on a white dinner plate; tall spoons make it elegant to serve and easy to eat.

Red High Heel Bridal Shower-Mini Cheese cake cups


With all the sweets be sure to serve savory along with the dessert buffet. These are Pringle Chips dipped in dark chocolate and arranged like a Blossom in large paper baking cups. The center is Habanero filled cream cheese with red pimento centers to coordinate with the overall color scheme.


Red high heel bridal shower- blossom chips


Bridal Shower Ideas| Hat Box Centerpiece of Roses











Red roses arranged in various sized pink & cream hat boxes, mirrors, and perfume bottles, sat on each round table as the centerpiece.  Pearl stick pins added contrast to the cluster of red roses.

Hope you like these ideas.  This was featured in Vip Seen magazine.


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