How to make Santa Napkin Rings for Christmas placesettings

Oh What Fun it is to Dine! Make these easy Santa Napkin Rings for Christmas Dinner. Your kiddos of all ages will love these festive little santa rings made from paper towel card board tubes, felt and hot glue. Faux fur adds to the edges of santas suit making this a furry fun project. So grab your glue gun, some felt, scissors and tubes of cardboard and lets make some Jolly!

How to Make Santa Napkin Rings

How to make Santa Napkin Rings for Christmas placesettings

Gather your supplies: 

Paper towel cardboard tubes

1 roll of faux white fur ribbon

2 red felt small squares 12″ x 12″ 

1 Black felt square 12″ x 12″

1 gold glitter craft foam square 12″ x 12″ 

scissors, ruler, glue gun and glue sticks.

These are not washable. 


How to make Santa Napkin rings 

You can make these in a minute or maybe an hour or two.  They are fun and look great on a place-setting or stacked on a plate for easy access. White or Red napkins look great inside the ring. 

Making the Santa Rings Tips:

I had to trim the fur for it was a bit thick. If you don’t want to use fur use white felt for a substitute, just apply the same way you would the faux fur.  White felt would be less expensive and just as cute.  Hobby Lobby had adhesive felt which I did try. It did not stick as well as I had thought it would, so I ended up using my glue gun to help hold the adhesive felt in place.  

Have a bowl of cold water available for quick relief of glue burns. Because you are using your fingers in tight spaces you will need to protect your fingers from the hot glue.  They have rubber tips for fingers you can use but if they don’t fit well they will be cumbersome. 

Like I mentioned these Santa napkin rings are not washable, but they are adorable.  Your kids can make them with supervision especially with the glue gun heat and scissors. 

Use sharp scissors for cutting nice clean edges of the felt, if you have a rotary cutter that will work as well. I use a 45 mm rotary cutter. Honestly, scissors are my favorite tool for cutting. 

Hope you will make these cute little rings for your Christmas table.  Breakfast with Santa would be a great treat for him!  He would love these. 

How to make Santa NapkinRing 467 x 700

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