DIY How to Make a Fresh Peony Centerpiece

Make a pretty spring centerpiece with fresh peonies.  An oriental blue and white  soup tureen has a tape grid to hold the fresh stems in place.  Select pink peonies mixed with white for a stunning table top presentation.

DIY Fresh Peony Centerpiece

Three Easy Steps for Making this DIY Table Centerpiece

DIY Oriental Blue White Peony Centerpiece

Step # 1:  Select Container- Blue and White Soup Tureen

Oriental blue and white makes a lovely table setting.  Select a soup tureen as a base for centerpiece.  Fresh pink and white peonies will pop in a blue tureen.   With pops of greenery mixed with the peonies rounds out the freshness of spring that makes your table fresh and alive.

Whether you get your peonies from a fresh market or your backyard, select several stems with large, medium and small buds.  Also select extra greenery to help fill the container.  I picked these from my back yard which has three peony bushes.  I love these bushes and wish I had more.  They don’t last long which is  a shame cause they are so beautiful.

DIY Oriental Blue White Peony Centerpiece

Step # 2:  Create a Grid

Create a grid over the top of your container to help hold the fresh stems in place.  I used masking tape to create my grid. Make sure your vase edges are dry or the tape will not stick.

Tip:  Fill your vase with water first, then dry edges.  No need to use floral feed, fresh water will make your arrangement last.

Tip 2:  Make sure you don’t have leaves on the stems below the water line This will help the arrangement last longer as well.

Because you want your florals to stay in place once arranged a floral or tape grid is necessary.  Fill each grid with fresh greenery like ferns, lemon leaf or peony leaves on stems.

DIY Peony Tablesetting-5 Spring tablesetting Ideas

Step # 3:  Arranging florals

This is the fun part, well all of it is fun.  Cut all stems at an angle and try to select firm stems and tight heads. Because peonies are so fragile after removing from bush, place them in cool fresh water until you are ready to arrange them in your vase.

After you have the grid filled with greenery, insert the large heads first, center, then cluster 4 around the center stem.  Next use the medium size florals and fill in around the first 4, continue until all spaces are filled and arrangement looks full.  Insert buds and smaller heads at random.

Sit back and enjoy God’s beautiful masterpiece!

Peony Tablesetting-5 Spring tablesetting Ideas

Oriental Blue and white tablesetting- 5 Spring table setting ideas

Oriental Blue and White Table Setting

Blue & White Table Setting with peonies

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