Florals how to make cabbage vase centerpiece lizbushong.com

Create a pretty Easter table centerpiece with this DIY Living Vase. Carve a large cabbage head into a beautiful flower vase.  Fit a small jar of water inside the hollowed cabbage and fill with fresh tulips and purple breath stems.  Simple but bright and cheery centerpiece for Easter or Spring occasions.

How to make Spring Cabbage Vase

Florals how to make cabbage vase centerpiece lizbushong.com

How to make Cabbage Vase lizbushong.com

How to Make the Cabbage Centerpiece

Select a large green cabbage head with curly leaves.  Some stores will remove the leaves to reveal a tight head.  You will remove the large leaves and set aside for you will be hollowing out the inside center of the cabbage.

You will need the following supplies; small carving knife, glass jar to fit inside the center of the cabbage, 15 petite assorted tulips, one bunch of purple breath, scissors or clippers and floral U-pins. 

Bunnies & Blooms Cabbage Vase lizbushong.com

Begin with removing large ruffled cabbage leaves and set aside. Next, with paring knife cut out the center of the cabbage. This will take some time but moving slowly you will get to the center of the cabbage.  You will be going completely through the cabbage, level the bottom of the cabbage so it will sit flat on your serving plate or decorative stand.

Secondly, the reserved large cabbage leaves will be attached with the u pins, creating a natural cabbage with leaves.  Since the cabbage is hollow, insert the u pins vertically into the cabbage at the bottom so the pins will not be showing through the center of the cabbage.  Your glass jar will not sit right if the pins are poking inside the center of the cabbage.

Carving Cabbage Base for Vase lizbushong.comWhat to do with leftover cabbage pieces?

I made coleslaw with the cabbage center pieces.  Added a few carrots, celery and celery seed, grated onion, salt, white ground pepper and home-made dressing. Dressing was 1 cup mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons white wine vinegar, 2 tablespoons sugar or honey, 3 tablespoons half n half or milk.  Whisk together and pour over the slaw.  Or you can purchase coleslaw dressing. You just added a side dish for your Easter dinner.

Back to the Cabbage Vase Instructions

No matter what size cabbage you select, keep in mind that a glass jar needs to sit down inside the center, so the glass will need to set below the rim of the carved cabbage opening.  I used a jelly jar.

Trim the ends of your tulips with scissors or pruning shears at desired height, all stems will be cut the same length/size.  In your hand, pick up each tulip and arrange how the tulip wants to fall.  Keep adding tulips and purple’s breath stems until you have all 15 tulips in a tight bundle.  Place the bundle in your water filled glass jar.

How to make cabbage vase with tulips lizbushong.com

Insert the glass jar inside the cabbage vase.  Be sure to hold the bottom of the cabbage if you are transferring the vase.  Arrange tulips as desired to create the free flowing look you desire.

You can make this vase one day ahead and cover with plastic wrap in refrigerator.  To help keep the inside of the cabbage from turning color, place a wet paper towel inside the opening, cover with plastic wrap and keep chilled until ready to assemble.

How to make a cabbage vase and Easter tablesetting lizbushong.com

So pretty for a Spring Easter Table Setting

Cabbage vase bunny table setting lizbushong.com

Tulips, Daffodils and Purple Breath Florals purchased at grocery store floral shop.

Tulips for cabbage vase lizbushong.com

Striped petite tulips 5 for $4.00

Tulips for Cabbage vase lizbushong.com

Tulips for cabbage vase lizbushong.com

Even my Baby Girl got to pose with the Cabbage Vase arrangement.  She was eyeing this tulip…

Cabbage Vase with Baby Girl bunny lizbushong.com

Sorry mom…I just had to have it!

She clipped it right in too. I wouldn’t let her eat it though.. since it came from a floral shop I was concerned about preservatives and the like. Funny she didn’t go after the cabbage leaves?

She is getting used to photo shoots, unlike JJ my beloved bunny who loved the camera and attention.

Cabbage vase Bunny lizbushong.com

I really want this mom… Sorry BG not good for bunnies.

Cabbage vase bunny lizubshong.com

How to make a cabbage vase lizbushong.com

Bunny plates are from Williams & Sonoma a few years ago.  Napkin fold has a pocket with fresh tulip in a water tube.  The tulip can be taken home as a favor.

How to make Cabbage vase Bunny lizbushong.com

Have fun decorating for Easter and Spring.

How to make Cabbage Vase lizbushong.com

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