Black white table decor ideas

Whether entertaining friends or family create a lovely table scape using black, white and golden yellow color scheme. Bright golden yellow pairs perfectly with black and white striped table cloth. The tablecloth is actually a large piece of outdoor fabric. Summer would not be summer without bright yellow, reminds me of lemons and sunshine.

How to Set Black White Golden table Scape

Black & White Table Makes a Summer Statement

Black and white floral and solid dinner plates ground the black and white tablecloth.  I have a set of black and white plates that I can mix and match with singular pops of color to create fun tables.  The round golden placemats are straw- like with pointed edges which creates texture for each place setting.

What I love is the napkin fold. Golden yellow linen napkins stand at attention in the center of a white solid plate that mimics the placemat.  The fold is called A Bishop’s Hat, a traditional fold that can take on three different looks. I made this fold with the front sides pulled down that resembles a butterfly.  So much fun and the napkin adds height to the table.

How to Set Black White Golden table Scape

Now for the centerpiece. My hydrangeas are blooming! The bushes are full and heads are heavy so it is a great time to cut the stems and make a simple centerpiece.  I used a large glass urn and filled it with fresh water, then added 15 hydrangea stems.


Easy to Arrange Hydrangea Centerpiece

DIY hydrangea centerpiece

I used a large glass urn filled with fresh water and no grid. My hydrangeas have large heads arranging them was easy for the heads sit nicely on the rim of the urn vase.  Next step was to fill the vase completely full with blooms.  Outer stems were cut about 10″, which helped with the roundness of the arrangement.  While the center stems were about 12″ in length.  The vase I have had for many years but any large round vase would be perfect for the centerpiece.

Golden Napkin Bishop Hat Fold

Black white table decor ideas

To make this napkin fold, check out this tutorial.  You will need a large 20″ x 20″ cotton linen napkin to hold the shape.  Check out this DIY Fold here. 

Hope you enjoy this fun table. Create something beautiful for your family.

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I attached a few photos for close up shots during the segments.

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