Simple DIY Tulip Centerpiece


French yellow and purple tulips with dark purple alstroemeria create this Simple DIY Tulip Centerpiece. Whether hosting a garden party or just want a pretty arrangement this combination of flowers will bring big smiles to everyone.

 Simple DIY Tulip



Simple DIY Tulip Centerpiece

French yellow tulips and deep purple alstroemeria fills a large white ruffled bowl.  No oasis or preservative… just fresh water with tape grid to keep florals in place.  Add extra greenery leaves and faux wispy greenery to help hold the tulips and add texture to centerpiece.

  • Author: Liz Bushong
  • Yield: Beautiful Full Arrangement


  • Decide on container for arrangement.  I used Pier 1’s white ruffled bowl
  • Purchase 3 + dozen tulips and alstroemeria.  ( check grocery store floral depts.) enough flowers to fill your container
  • floral tape or scotch tape for grid
  • Floral snips or scissors
  • 57 Faux or fresh wispy greenery for added texture


  1. Determine size and shape of container.  I used Pier 1 White Ruffled Bowl.
  2. Purchase 3-4 dozen tulips and 3-4 bunches of alstroemeria.
  3. Make a grid across the top of the container using floral tape or scotch tape.
  4. Tape long strips across the entire bowl overlapping tape about 1/2″ down sides of bowl.  Make sure edges of bowl is dry for tape to stick.
  5. Cut stem of Alstroemeria to fit the sides of the container.
  6. Fill grids along the outside edge of bowl first with purple alstroemeria.
  7. Trim ends of tulips at a small angle and place in center of each grid.
  8. Pack tulips in tight.. the tulip leaves will help provide structure for the centerpiece.
  9. Insert small purple tulips around the bottom edge of the bowl with the purple Alstroemeria.
  10. For added flow and texture add wispy faux greenery sprigs or fresh fern type.. something soft to center of arrangement, then one sprig to the right and to the left of centerpiece.
  11. All done!  The flowers will relax and begin to drupe over time, but that is the beauty of tulips.
  12. Enjoy!


  1. Alstroemeria will last 10 days.
  2. When you bring flowers home.. immediately remove bad leaves and trim ends at an angle then insert into fresh cool water.  Opening up the tulip and floral stems will keep them from drooping before time.
  3. Clipping the ends of tulips every other day and filling container with fresh water will ensure your arrangement will last longer than 3 days. ( small trim)
  4. To prolong life of arrangement, store your fresh cut arrangement in the refrigerator or in a cool garage.  They like being cold and love fresh water.

No preservatives in water seem to help prolong the florals. That has been my experience.

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