Berry Delicious Summer Recipes

Berry Delicious Summer!  Summer means flip-flops, fireflies, and fresh ripe berries! When you pick the first ripe berry and the sweetened juice pops in your mouth, its time to make your favorite summer berry delicious desserts. Blueberry Swirl Pound Cake and a Strawberry Tart are two simple desserts to have on hand for all of your summer entertaining. These berry-inspired desserts are bursting with the sun-kissed flavors of the season.

Berry Delicious Summer! for sure… Swing open the French door to your patio and layer your picnic table with vibrant summer colors and delicious berry desserts. We kept our seasonal table casual with red and white checked napkins, bright yellow sunflowers, and mason jars wrapped with twine. The desserts and sunflower arrangement take a stand as the table centerpiece. Repeating the checkered napkins and single sunflower stem at each place-setting, as well as the white dinner plate emphasizes the easy-to-create table color scheme and décor. Two white ruffled cake pedestals display the Blueberry Swirl Pound Cake and the Strawberry Tart.

Summer time Setting! (1)|

Berry Delicious Summer!| Bench to Table

Every back yard, park and grill master should own one or more of these benches-to-table. If two tables are put together it creates one regular sized picnic table. These tables are build to last and can be used for all of your seasonal entertaining, not just for summer.
Boy Scout Troop #`135 Bench to Table|
Where do you get one of these bench-to-tables? Glad you asked. Boy scouts from troop #135 Sulphur Springs, Tennessee are building these bench/tables to raise money for a once in a lifetime high adventure camp called Florida Sea Base. The bench/tables are available for purchase with 100% of the proceeds going to the boys attending the High Adventure Camp. You can contact Doug Bushong, my husband and scout master* for troop #135 to order your very own bench turned table or any boy scout from the troop will be happy to assist you.

 Berry Delicious Summer!| Blueberry Swirl Pound Cake& Strawberry Tart

Blueberry Swirl pound cake-www.lizbushong.,com

 Your guests will enjoy the taste bud-tingling blend of blueberries and cream in the baked blueberry swirl pound cake. The pound cake features a delectable golden crust with a moist tender center that will make this cake your new-go-to dessert for any season. A lightly sweetened blueberry puree is layered in the cake batter and gently swirled before baking. This pound cake is perfectly wonderful all on its own, but when topped with a handful of fresh picked-ripe berries it becomes a sensational taste of summer.

strawberry tart- 1A-

 The Strawberry Tart is a chilled summer pie with show-stopping presentation. Fresh whole strawberries are de-stemmed and sit pretty with pointed ends up on top of a lemon and whipped cream filling. The pre-baked sweet pastry crust is made with real butter and confectioner’s sugar making every bite of this tart one to remember.
Both desserts are make-ahead with the Strawberry Tart being refrigerated for a few hours.

Berry Delicious Summer! | Baking Berries Tip

Baking with berries can be a bit tricky. Blueberries can make your muffins and cake batter turn purple if you don’t coat them in flour first before baking.
# 1.  Coat blueberries in flour to prevent the berry juice from spreading into the batter.
# 2.   Strawberries are almost 90% water and dark fuller berries have a higher concentration of water inside. This leads to a sticky unexpected soggy baked dish. #3. To prevent a soggy baked dish select berries that are just slightly under ripe, having passed the stage of development where a white ring appears around the hull.
For more information about strawberries and blueberries, how to grow, where to pick and health benefits, check with your local county extension agent or office.
Click on photo for Blue berry Swirl Pound Cake recipe.
Blueberry Swirl Pound Cake|
Berries are beautiful! Whether you are picnicking at the beach or in your own backyard go out and play; put on your flip-flops, watch the flickering lights of the fireflies and eat all the fresh berries you can. This is going to be a berry delicious summer!
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