Florals how to make paper cone tulip arrangement lizbushong.com

Do you love making gifts for Valentines Day? Surprise your family and friends with a Valentine Flower Cone Bouquet. This DIY may be home made but it won’t look home made when you follow these easy to make instructions. You will need three things, fresh flowers, printed paper or card stock and satin ribbon for a bow.

Florals how to make paper cone tulip arrangement lizbushong.com

How to Make a Valentine Flower Cone Bouquets

Show your love and appreciation for a friend with a special hand made DIY Valentine Flower Cone Bouquet. Whether this gift is for family or friends they will appreciate your heart felt gift. Let’s get started.

DIY|Valentine Paper cone Bouquet lizbushong.com

Materials Needed for this Project

Fresh tulips or flowers of choice

Fresh tulips or flower of choice

Card stock (for printing)

Free PDF Download Paper Designs scroll below

Small quart zip lock bag

Paper towel sheet or floral tubes

Sheer wired-edge ribbon

Double sided tape.

Rubber Band, medium to large


  1.  Download paper design, cut into 8 -1/2″ x 8- 1/2″ square.
  2. Fold paper into cone shape, use double sided tape to tape edges.
  3. Cut stems of tulips or flowers, wrap in wet paper towel or floral tubes.If using floral tubes do not use paper towel. If using paper towel, slightly dampen but not dripping with water.  Wrap stems in paper towel or place in floral tubes.
  4. Place paper towel wrapped florals  into small ziplock bag.  Seal use rubber band to hold baggie and flowers together.  Do not pull band tight for the florals need to be able to flow freely.  If using floral tubes, fill with water, place cap on tube and insert flower stem.  Place all tubes in cone.  You can wrap the the tubes with plastic wrap if concerned about water leakage.  ( I use the paper towel method).
  5. Insert flowers into cone.  Tie with pretty ribbon.

So easy and very pretty.  Your kids could create this bouquet too.  They can color the hearts with crayons or markers in different colors,  add light glue and glitter, however they want to express their love.


Floral Cone Bouquet lizbushong.com copy

To download your Free cone patterns, click on photo you like and then download the pdf.  Easy to do.  Make several, they are so cute and so fun to make.  If you don’t want to use card stock, use heavier weight copy paper.   Your friends will love this!  I do.

Hearts With Arrows:

Flower Cone- Arrow Heart Red- lizbushong.com


Hugs & Kisses

Red Hearts 

Basic Hearts 

Hope you will try this idea.  Its quick and easy to do.  Prefect for Bridal Showers, Weddings too.   Please share and pin your favorites.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your creative ideas and designs with us. They bring smiles and love for both the ones who give and especially the ones who receive! Each presentation photo is more beautiful than the last.

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