Florals how to make pear hydrangea copper centerpiece lizbushong.com

Create an Elegant Copper & Bronze Fall Tablescape with shiny copper, burnished bronze, and shades of green.  Acorn and leaf salad plates from Williams and Sonoma add coordinated texture while the penny edged chargers adds bling.

Copper Pennies & Pears Article- An Autumn Allure

Small leaf magnolias, hydrangea, and fresh pears add the shades of green to the copper container for the centerpiece. Click on links to see how to make the penny chargers, and candle bands, as well as how to set the overall  magnolia/pear table setting.

This scape is perfect for any fall dinner party and Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the photos and let me know if you create the penny accents.  It was a lot of fun.  I cleaned and polished over 450 pennies.  Pretty good investment for such a unique look for a table setting.

(The acorn and leaf patterned salad plates are no longer available at Williams and Sonoma but … they have several other lovely fall plates that would work great with the copper bronze scheme.)

Florals how to make pear hydrangea copper centerpiece lizbushong.com

The copper planter  centerpiece I have had for a long time but here is a window flower box planter that would work. Select the small size for the center of your table.  If you table is long, select 3 small window box planters to run down the center of your Thanksgiving table.  It would be lovely.  Click on photo to see how to make the Copper Chargers and Candles click here.

How to Assemble the Copper & Pear Centerpiece

Copper & Bronze tablescape-centerpiece- hydrangea, pears, magnolia leaf-lizbushong.com

Step 1:  Select your copper container and line the container with a garbage bag or other plastic liner.

Step 2: In large bucket, soak floral oasis. in water.   This is not styrofoam that is used for artificial flowers, this foam is for fresh flowers.  Cover the foam bricks completely with lukewarm water for 30-60 minutes until foam is saturated with water.  You might have to add a brick or something heavy to keep the floral foam from floating. After they are saturated with water, remove and place in your plastic lined container.  Cut the foam as needed with serrated knife to pack the foam into the bottom of the container.  As far as height of the foam, it should be even with the top of the container or 1 ” less than the rim of the container. your preference.

Step 3: Insert each magnolia leaf stem into the oasis until the entire container is filled.  Begin in the center and work out toward each end of container. Place some leaves at an angle on the sides to help cover the sides of the container/vase.  Also place some of the leaves in random order meaning allow the coppery back side of the leaf to face a green leave or stand beside the shiny green side.  This will add additional texture and interest to the arrangement… as well as carry the copper theme from vase to florals. See leaves in photo.

Step 4:  Cut the stems of hydrangea about 4″-5 from the head of the bloom, insert in un -even numbers throughout the magnolia leaves.  (5-7 flowers).  Insert a few magnolia flower pods to add interest as well as any loose or airy greenery for fluidity.

Step 5:  Insert in bottom of fresh pears long wooden skewers, then insert into the arrangement in uneven numbers, such as 5-7.  See photo for placement.

That’s it!  Simple and quick to make.  Save a few magnolia leaves for place cards at each setting.  I used chalkboard marker for the guest name.

Copper & Bronze tablescape with copper arrangement-lizbushong.com


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