Oh My Stars-4th of July Table Setting-Centerpiece Idea

Oh my Stars, these 4th of July table ideas will help you create your very own star -studded celebration. Red, white and blue set the stage with star rimmed round placemats and colorful dinner plates at each place setting. White felt star stickers adorn three glass vases with floating candles for the centerpiece.  A Cran- Raspberry Mirror Glazed Cake is served on a star plate to help support the overall star theme.

How to make star studded candle centerpiece red, white blue theme lizbushong.com


How to make Patriotic TableScape lizbushong.com

oh my stars, placesetting-lizbushong.com

White felt star stickers and wide satin ribbon  adorn three glass canisters as the centerpiece.  The canisters are filled with water with white floating candles.

How to make Cran Raspberry Mirror Glazed Pound Cake lizbushong.com

Mirror Glaze made from cranberries.

Can-raspberry mirror almond pound cake -lizbushong


oh my stars, placesetting-lizbushong.com

Star rimmed round placemats provide a solid base for each place setting.  The cobalt blue tablecloth is actually a linen shower curtain.  Sometimes it is hard to find what you need so you can improvise with other items to make your table what you want it to be.

The classic dinner plate, my favorite… holds the red and white checked napkin, notice the fold at the top of the napkin… it holds the flatware. Since the placemat is round there is no place to put the silverware utensils.. so improvise again and create a fold then slip the silverware through the fold.

Cobalt blue plays an equal role in this setting from table cloth, to plates to water glasses.

How to Set your Table

TipFind your Inspiration|Overall Theme

Red round star edged placemats were the inspiration for this table scape for this 4th of July theme.  I found these at Michaels a few years ago, but solid red place mats would be just as impressive and could be used year round.

Find something that inspires you to imagine and select other items for your table.

Tip 2: Determine your color scheme from the inspiration piece.

Maybe your inspiration comes from a vase you want to use as a centerpiece, or maybe it is set of salad or dessert plates. Wherever you find your inspiration this will be a grand start for your color scheme. For this setting:  it was red, white & blue.

Tip 3: Select dinnerware, napkins, and stemware in coordinating color scheme.

Repeat the color at least three times in the setting to create cohesive look and feel.

Cobalt : Each place setting has the background of the cobalt tablecloth, cobalt square plates and cobalt stemware.

Red & White:   Red placemats, red & white checked napkins, red & white polka dot appetizer plates.

Tip 4:  Create the centerpiece from elements of the color scheme or theme of event.

Using what you already have on hand, like cake stands, glass vases, floating candles, ribbon and stickers make a simple and elegant centerpiece.  No flowers in this setting, although  these flowers would be beautiful too.   Notice stars on container and the red, white and blue flowers.

table centerpiece

OR….Use Dessert as your Centerpiece.   Click on photo  or link for recipe Cran-Raspberry Mirror Pound Cake.  

Can-raspberry mirror almond pound cake -lizbushong

Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!  Let me know if you create a Star filled table scape.

Oh.. check out the article from VIP SEEN magazine.   Oh My Stars!  * Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate which means that if you order any products on this page, I could possible make a small residual from the sale.  Hoping this will help off set cost for preparing these ideas.  Thank you in advance for checking this post out and creating the recipes/ideas.

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