Peaches & Cream Pie Recipe| Sweetened Whipped Cream Recipe

Sweetened Whipped Cream Recipe|

Chilled Heavy Whipping Cream, confectioner’s sugar and flavoring is beaten on medium speed until soft peaks form.  This whipped cream can be piped using decorative tips or dolloped on pies, tarts, cakes, and mousses.



2 cups heavy whipping cream, chilled

¼ cup confectioner’s sugar

1-teaspoon vanilla or crème bouquet extract


In large mixing bowl with whisk attachment, beat whipping cream until soft peaks, gradually add confectioner’s sugar and extract. Pipe or spoon whipped cream on top of chilled pie fillings.


  1. Chilling mixing bowl and wire whisk a few minutes before beating cream will help with firming the whipped cream.
  2. Make sure mixing bowl  and whisk is throughly cleaned without any grease buildup inside the bowl or on the whisk. ( greasy bowl/whisk cause wet and less volumn whipped cream).
  3. Store whipped cream in covered container refrigerated up to one day.
  4. Select a high butter fat heavy whipping cream for this recipe.
  5. Select high quality confectioner’s sugar for best flavor. ( sometimes off brands will have additional corn starch which can make the icing or whipped cream have a chalky or off flavor)
  6. Creme Bouquet is a concentrated flavoring that is a mix between lemon, orange, and vanilla flavoring.  Can be purchased online or at cake decorating shoppes.