Florals mini tulip wreath lizbushong.com

Decorate your front door with a colorful Spring Tulip Wreath! This DIY features pink, orange, yellow and white petite faux tulips and a full sized grapevine wreath.  Cutting the stems with wire cutters in groups of three tulips per section will give your wreath added fullness.  This is a fun wreath to make and will make your front door bloom with colors.

Florals mini tulip wreath lizbushong.com

How to Make Spring Tulip Wreath Tutorial

Gather your materials and lets get started.  This is an easy wreath to put together.  No hot glue just faux tulips in assorted petite tulips and a willow wreath.  I used willow because it is woven and the stems of the tulips fit under and in the wreath without having to glue.

Start with the wreath, cut all the tulip stems in 3-4 inch lengths using wire cutters. Insert the stems around the wreath going in the same direction all around the wreath.  Pack the tulips tightly for impact and fullness.

Take a pipe cleaner and form a loop on the back side of the wreath for hanging.

See I told you it was easy.

Tip:  When you are finished with the season, you can easily remove the tulips from the wreath and store in plastic bin, then reuse your wreath for another project.  I used this form for a faux peony wreath.

Materials for Spring Tulip Wreath

Florals mini tulip wreath lizbushong.com


12″ Grapevine Wreath– if it is not full enough use two wreaths and zip tie together

5 bunches of faux assorted tulips- orange, pink, white and yellow ( got mine at Michaels 50% off) 

Wire cutters

Pipe Cleaner for hanger

Hot glue-optional


  1. Cut tulips in sections or groups of 3 flowers per stem with wire cutters. Cut stem length to 3-4″.
  2. Make a small loop with the pipe cleaner for wreath hanger and attach to back side of wreath reinforcing with excess pipe cleaner.
  3. Insert tulips around the outer edge of front side of wreath. Determine the directions of the flowers and color pattern.  Use hot glue if stems will not stay in place. ( I didn’t have any problem with stems but if the heads of the tulips pop off glue those back in place).
  4. Arrange the tulips in one direction on the wreath so all heads fall in same direction.
  5. Fill entire wreath until full and compact.
  6. Hang on front door and enjoy!

Note:  If you want to make a pretty table centerpiece, place this wreath on your dining table and add a candle to the middle, super easy and makes a statement. Same concept but with orange, yellow and white petite tulips.

 How to make Tulip Wreath for Bunny Tails Tulips treats tablescape lizbushong.com

In conclusion, I used the tulips from the centerpiece in above photo in the tulip wreath in the following photo.  It’s good to buy these faux but real looking flowers on sale and keep protected in bins until you are ready to create something wonderful.

Spring Tulip Wreath lizbushong.com

SpringTulip Wreath DIY lizbushong.com png

Let me know if you make a wreath, would love to see photos of your creations.

Enjoy! xo

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