10 Recipes for Easter Dessert lizbushong.com

Need a special dessert for Easter?  Here are 10 special recipes for Easter Dessert that will please everyone at your table.  Most of these recipes are kid friendly meaning they can make them and all of them have chocolate either as a garnish or inside.  Not to worry, if you can’t have chocolate there is a dessert for you too.

10 Recipes for Easter Dessert lizbushong.com

Dessert # 1:  Easter Bunny Kit Kat Cake  Click on photo for recipe. 

Easter Kit Kat Basket-close up-www.lizbushong.com
Bunny Kit Kat Cake with final touches.

Dessert # 2 Mounds Bunnies-Recipe below photo

Mini Mound's Bar Bunnies

Recipe:  Easy cute little dessert made with mini Mound’s Candy Bars, decorated like a bunny rabbit.  Cut mini marshmallows form the ears and tail, with pink frosting piped for nose and inside ears.  So fun to make and eat.

Dessert # 3  Chocolate Mousse Brownie Cake- Tap on Photo


Chocolate Mousse and brownie slice fills a silicone mold that is frozen then covered with chocolate ganache.  Frosting piped flowers top the dome dessert for pretty presentation. Click on photo for recipe and instructions.

Dessert # 4  Coconut Covered Easter Bunny Cake-Tap on photo for recipe

Easter Bunny Cake-on grass-www.lizbushong.com

Dessert #5 Carrot Pound Cake Recipe, tap on photo for recipe

Carrot Pound Cake Recipe lizbushong.com

Need a few more good recipes, check out the next 5 Recipes

Dessert # 6 Lemon Marshmallow Easter Bonnet Cake-Tap on photo for recipe.

Lemon Marshmallow Easter Bonnet Cake lizbushong.com

Dessert Recipe # 7  Caramel Banana Creme Pie-Tap on photo for recipe.

Slice of Summer Pies-Caramel Banana Cream Pie-close up-lizbushong.comDSC_8099

Want a few pie recipes?

Dessert Recipe # 8  Lemon Meringue Pie- Tap on photo for recipe

How to Make Lemon Meringue pie lizbushong.com

Need a No Bake Recipe? Check out Dessert Number Nine

Dessert # 9  No Bake Mini Triple Cheesecake, tap on photo for recipe

Celebrate Spring Article-No Bake Striped Mini Cheesecakes-lizbushong.com

Last by not least Dessert Number 10

Dessert #10  French Creme Tart-tap on photo for recipe

French Cream Tart- Round Size- lizbushong.com

Hope you enjoyed these recipe ideas.  Remember just click on the photos for the recipes.

Let me know which desserts you create.  xo

Other Easter Ideas You Might Like to Try:

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No Bake-Creme Puff Cotton Tail 

Cream Puff Cotton-tail
Purchased cream puff, cut in half filled with fresh whipped cream, topped with more whipped cream and flaked coconut.

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